CTMH Cricut® Artfully Sent

As of late-Summer 2019, all of the Close To My Heart Cricut® Collections are available digitally. They no longer are offered with a physical cartridge or with coordinating stamps and cardstock. To order any of the Close To My Heart Cricut® Collections, please use my Affiliate Link to visit the Cricut® Website. My Affiliate Link is also at the bottom of the Cricut® Collections page on my Consultant Website.

Close To My Heart introduced the Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection (Z3168) at Convention in June 2014. It officially retired on July 31, 2016 an is available on a while supplies last basis. I am keeping this page because it has some tips for using the images and links to Corporate-produced videos that are still useful to those with the cartridge.

Cricut® Artfully Sent (Z3168) - this bundle no longer produced
The collection was re-worked for the Annual Inspirations Idea Book and Catalog 2015–2016 to include the Whimsy Cardstock Combo Pack (rather than a package of 12" x 12" White Daisy cardstock). Other than the cardstock change, the collection is exactly as before with the same images and stamp sets. You will find the full description on page 120 of Annual Inspirations 2015-2016.

This was the original configuration of the Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection as it appeared on page 141 of the Annual Inspirations Idea Book and Catalog 2014–2015.

Cricut® Artfully Sent (Z3017) - this bundle no longer produced
When you purchase the Cricut® Artfully Sent Collection (Z3017) you will receive the cartridge, the overlay (keypad overlays are no longer automatically included with other recent Cricut® cartridge releases), the handbook, three D-sized stamp set: Just To Say (D1629), Curlicue Alphabet (D1630) and Curlicue Frames (D1631) and a package of 12" x 12" White Daisy cardstock (see below for tips cutting White Daisy cardstock).

The cartridge has 700 images and contains everything you need to make 250 card pieces and 150 other small projects for a total of 400 unique projects. It also has a nice assortment of envelopes and envelope liners and an alphabet that coordinates with the included stamp set. There are card options in standard 5" x 7" and 4¼" x 5½" card sizes in 25 different themes and 5 different card formats including build-a-scene, pop-up, sentiment, sleeve and pocket. Learn more in this video:

Additional Artfully Sent videos:
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  2. Cricut® Artfully Sent: Pop-Up Cards with Icons posted January 12, 2015; on this blog January 13, 2015
  3. Cricut® Artfully Sent: Scene Function posted January 26, 2015; on this blog January 27, 2015
  4. Cricut® Artfully Sent: Sentiment Function posted February 9, 2015; on this blog February 10, 2015
  5. Cricut® Artfully Sent: Sleeve Function posted February 23, 2015; on this blog February 24, 2015
  6. Cricut® Artfully Sent: Pocket Function posted March 9, 2015; on this blog March 10, 2015

Cheat Sheets for using Artfully Sent with Cricut® Design Space

Narelle Darley, The Non-Crafty Crafter, and an administrator of the Facebook Group Cricut Lovers Guide to Design Space (send a request to join, it is a great group), edited the Cricut® Cartridge Handbook for Artfully Sent to include the Design Space code for each image. You can download the PDF from Narelle's page Handbooks and Design Space Image codes. Also on the page she explains what Design Space codes are and how to use them. While you are there be sure to check out her other posts that provide tips for using Design Space.

You will also want to visit Paige Dolecki's Stampologist site. Paige created an Artfully Sent Explore Design Space Sizing Cheat Sheet that she is sharing. Paige's cheat sheet has guidelines for adjusting the sizing in Design Space to create any size card.

I also made a cheat sheet. This is for the Artfully Sent shapes that coordinate with the My Acrylix™ Curlicue Frames stamp set (D1631) that comes with the Artfully Sent Collection. In Design Space when you search for a pop-up card and add the image to your mat all elements of the pop-up card are added. You need to ungroup the card and delete the three elements that you do not need.

Also, if you sized the images as if you were cutting a pop-up card (height at 10 inches for a top fold card and width at 10 inches for a side fold card), the shape that coordinates with the Curlicue Frames Stamp Set is not the correct size. In the image below you will find the Design Space image number, which stamp it coordinates with and what size to set the height of the frame so the stamped image will perfectly fit on your cut.

Please check my OBA for additional stamp sets that coordinate with Curlicue Frames (D1631). I also maintain page and a spreadsheet devoted to Cricut® Compatible Stamp Sets.

Cricut® Artfully Sent Compatible Stamps with Cricut® Expression - Sizing Questions

The size in the Cricut® Artfully Sent handbook is the suggested cut size so the completed card will be 5" x 7" for a top fold card or 7" x 5" for a side fold card. When you want to cut all of the elements of the card (base, liner and icons), you set the dial for the size in the book and make sure real dial size is off so the pieces cut proportionally to each other.

The size on the stamp set carrier sheet is only for the cut that fits the stamp. When you are trying to match the size of a stamp, on the Expression keypad (the 2nd row from the left) you want real dial size lit. On the size dial you want to set it at 1, 1 3/4 or 2 inches depending on which stamp from Curlicue Frames, Flowers For Mom or Handmade you are using.

Real dial size means that it will cut the image the height (from the lowest possible point to the highest) you have it set on the size dial. Many of the older (well maybe not-so-old) Cricut® cartridge handbooks have a page that gives an visual example of Real Dial Size that might be helpful. This example is from the Cricut® Artbooking handbook:

When I did a test cut of the two 2" images that coordinate with the Curlicue Frames stamp set on the keypad I pressed icon, real dial size, "4" and "l". The icon and real dial size buttons should be lit when you cut; 4l will be showing on the little screen on the left side of your Expression. I set the size dial to 2 inches, the speed at low, the pressure to high and the green dial on the blade housing to 4. I used a blue light grip mat and was able to cut one of each cut for the 2 inch stamps from White Daisy cardstock. I did not have to use the multi-cut feature.

Tips for cutting CTMH White Daisy and Colonial White cardstock with your Cricut® machine:
  • use a sharp blade and have a spare blade on hand to try if none of the suggestions listed below help
  • do not use a brand new Cricut® Standard Grip mat (green) mat to cut White Daisy or Colonial White cardstock as both White Daisy and Colonial White stick to a mat quite well
  • never use a Cricut® Strong Grip mat (grey) with White Daisy or Colonial White cardstock unless it is extremely well worn
  • many have had a good experience using the Cricut® Light Grip mat (blue) to cut White Daisy and Colonial White cardstock
  • do not let the cardstock sit on the mat for an extended period of time; as soon as your cutting (and stamping if using a Cricut® coordinating stamp) are complete, remove the paper from the cutting mat and use the Cricut® Spatula to help remove the die cuts; leaving any material sitting on the mat will result in a stuck on mess and shorten the life of the cutting mat
  • when using the Expression or Expression 2 set the pressure at 4 on your blade housing and at High (rather than Max) on your machine; use the multi-cut option to cut the image 2 times (I have found that I do not need to select multi-cut); also slow down your cutting speed
  • when using the Explore set the dial to "Light Cardstock +" or for some images it is better to set the dial to Custom and choose "Cardstock Intricate Cuts" although you should be aware that is setting cuts the paper twice (I have found this setting helpful for some images and papers)
  • simplify your design using Cricut® Craft Room or Cricut® Design Space if possible; in other words remove some of the elements of a design, for example, the holes along the edge of a decorative scallop


Page 33 of the Handbook: the red dot that indicates which key to use is one row below where it should be. When using your Expression or Expression 2, just select the "C" key.

The virtual keypad on the Expression 2 lists the functions as F1, F2, ... F6. Print this table to paste to your E2 so you do not have to remember which F# equals which function name.

F1 Pop-up F2 Icon
F3 Scene F4 Sentiment
F5 Sleeve F6 Pocket

Cricut Rewards

When I received my Artfully Sent collection there was no Cricut Rewards code inside the box. I wrote to Cricut Rewards at rewards@cricut.com and sent a copy of my receipt and the serial number on the top of the box the cartridge, handbook, etc. was presented in and they added the rewards to my account. If you need a copy of your receipt, please contact the CTMH Independent Consultant you purchased your Artfully Sent Collection from.

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