CTMH Cricut® Flower Market

CTMH Cricut® Flower Market

As of late-Summer 2019, all of the Close To My Heart Cricut® Collections are available digitally. They no longer are offered with a physical cartridge or with coordinating stamps and cardstock. To order any of the Close To My Heart Cricut® Collections, please use my Affiliate Link to visit the Cricut® Website. My Affiliate Link is also at the bottom of the Cricut® Collections page on my Consultant Website.

In Annual Inspirations 2016-2017, Close to My Heart introduced Cricut® Flower Market. While the Cricut® Flower Market Collection was able with a physical cartridge (Z3285) when it was originally released, since physical cartridges are no longer produced, the Cricut® Flower Market images are only available digitally and the images are no longer packaged with stamp sets and cardstock.

Cricut® Flower Market Collection with a physical cartridge (Z3285) - this bundle no longer produced

Cricut® Flower Market Digital Collection with no cartridge (Z3290) - this bundle no longer produced
When both the Flower Market physical cartridge and the digital collection were available they contained the same images, same stamps and same cardstock.

When item Z3285 (physical cartridge) was available you received a Cricut® cartridge, handbook and keypad overlay so you could use the collection with any version of Cricut® machine from Personal and Create to Expression 2 – no computer necessary. Once the cartridge was linked to your Cricut® account, you could also use this collection with any version of the Explore or Maker using Cricut® Design Space.

Originally when item Z3290 (no cartridge) was released, you received a card with a code that you input on the Cricut® website to link the cartridge to your Cricut® account. You can download the handbook (PDF will open in new window) from Cricut®'s Handbook page.

Now when you purchase Flower Market via my Affiliate Link you receive all of the same digital images. Since your purchase is actually made on the Cricut® Website, the images are in your Cricut® account almost immediately – you will probably have to log off then log back onto your account to see the images.

Close To My Heart created a Cricut® Flower Market Collection YouTube Playlist (video series) about each key. All of the videos are listed below.

While watching the first video, Cricut® Flower Market Collection: Baby Scrapbook, I learned that the shapes are grouped onto 50 themed keys, meaning all of the shapes on a single key are designed to work together (or course you are welcome to mix and match images from different keys). The page numbers correspond to the key referenced in the video. In addition, images in the same color (the shade of color can be different) means they are linked together. This is important if you are using the Expression 2 and earlier machines because you will want to make sure that Real Dial Size is off so the shapes cut proportionally to each other. In my post Artfully Sent Smile Pop-up Card Cut Using the Cricut® Expression I share a page from the Artbooking handbook which illustrates the difference between Real Dial Size on and off.

In addition, I used some scrap paper to cut the Special Delivery Tag at 3" with Real Dial Size On (key lit) and Real Dial Size Off (key not lit) to show you the difference. Here is an example with Real Dial Size On (the key on the Expression is lit):

As you can see, the images are all three inches in height.

And here are the same shapes cut with Real Dial Size Off (the key on the Expression is not lit) so the shapes will cut proportionally to each other:

The tag is only shape that is the same size when cut with Real Dial Size On and with it Off. I hope this helps illustrate Real Dial Size. Here are the circle and sentiment cut with Real Dial Size Off layered on a different color tag so you are able to see the proportions better.

Here is a list of the videos covering keys on the Cricut® Flower Market Collection in the order they were released (most recent listed first):
  1. 06/07/2017 - Laurel & Fern Paper Wreaths - Key 32
  2. 06/09/2017 - Honey Bee Treat Bag - Key 18
  3. 06/02/2017 - Springtime Scrapbooking - Key 22
  4. 05/26/2017 - Vacation Scrapbooking Two Ways - Key 30
  5. 05/19/2017 - Congrats With Flowers and Ribbons - Key 4
  6. 05/08/2017 - Celebrating Mother - Key 35
  7. 04/28/2017 - Wall- hanging - Key 3
  8. 03/06/2017 - Baby Book and Nursery Decor - Key 34
  9. 03/06/2017 - Daffodils for Easter - Key 44
  10. 06/06/2017 - Surprise Birthday Banner - Key 5
  11. 03/06/2017 - DIY Centerpiece Inspiration - Key 28
  12. 01/30/2017 - DIY Paper Succulent Terrarium - Key 40
  13. 01/27/2017 - Mason Jar Craft - Key 41
  14. 01/27/2017 - DIY Valentine’s Day Gift Box - Key 42
  15. 01/27/2017 - Framed Paper Flowers - Key 17
  16. 01/12/2017 - Little Princess Mini Album - Key 13
  17. 12/21/2016 - Paper Hydrangeas - Key 29
  18. 12/20/2016 - Kitchen Shapes - Key 9
  19. 12/20/2016 - New Year’s Eve Goodie Bag - Key 50
  20. 12/19/2016 - DIY Christmas Gift Bag - Key 25
  21. 12/16/2016 - Snowflake Garland & Christmas Tags - Key 21
  22. 12/08/2016 - Christmas Shadow Box - Key 49
  23. 12/02/2016 - Christmas Scrapbooking & Gift Wrapping Ideas - Key 48
  24. 11/16/2016 - Sending Sunshine Scrapbook and Card - Key 7
  25. 11/11/2016 - Welcome Home Baby Scrapbook Inspiration - Key 31
  26. 11/08/2016 - Thanksgiving Scrapbook Ideas - Key 47
  27. 11/04/2016 - Nautical Scrapbook Ideas - Key 8
  28. 10/26/2016 - Halloween/Dia De Los Muertos Inspiration - Key 46
  29. 10/20/2016 - Mother & Daughter Scrapbook - Key 19
  30. 10/14/2016 - Fall Scrapbook Color Combinations - Key 27
  31. 09/15/2016 - Fall Scrapbooking - Key 24
  32. 09/15/2016 - Boy Scrapbook Page - Key 15
  33. 09/15/2016 - Baby or Little Girl Scrapbook - Key 6
  34. 09/15/2016 - Baby Scrapbook - Key 10
In addition to the above videos, there are several posts devoted to Flower Market on the Close To My Heart Make It from Your Heart blog. You can search in the right sidebar for Flower Market; here are a few posts that I
I hope you found this information helpful.

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