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June 2017 - Cardstock Carnival

All cardstock packs are 25% off including single color packs, packs that coordinate with the papers in Seasonal Expressions 2 and the combo packs that have 2 each of the colors in a color family (Basics, Whimsy, Enchantment or Adventure). The full list is posted here or on my Consultant webstie.

No qualifying purchase is required to take advantage of this offer, purchase of cardstock packs will count toward the qualifying purchase for the discounted Stamp Of The Month and you may purchase as many cardstock packs as you would like (while supplies last). Shipping/handling is calculated on the full retail price.

June 2017 - We've Got You Covered

We've Got You Covered because the My Legacy™ albums are an ideal place to preserve your memories and protect them from the elements. During June 2017 only, when you buy one album at $29.95, you can get a second one ½-off. That’s a savings of $14.97! Choose from our D-ring and post-bound styles, both of which come in a selection of 9 colors! We've Got You Covered will run from June 1 to June 30, 2017 while supplies last.

My Legacy™ Albums
D-ring AlbumsPost-bound Albums
D-ring Album—Grey (Z5201)
Post-bound Album—Grey (Z5301)
D-ring Album—Brown (Z5202)
Post-bound Album—Brown (Z5302)
D-ring Album—Navy (Z5203)
Post-bound Album—Navy (Z5303)
D-ring Album—Teal (Z5204 - update)
Post-bound Album—Teal (Z5304)
D-ring Album—Red (Z5205)
Post-bound Album—Red (Z5305)
D-ring Album—White (Z5206)
Post-bound Album—White (Z5306)
D-ring Album—Sea Glass (Z5207)
Post-bound Album—Sea Glass (Z5307)
D-ring Album—Pink (Z5208)
Post-bound Album—Pink (Z5308)
D-ring Album—Black (Z5200)
Post-bound Album—Black (Z5300)

Due to logistical problems, the Black and Sea Glass albums in both options are temporarily unavailable; they were expected to be available the first part of June, but now I am hearing they won't be available until July. I also learned that the Grey D-ring album is also temporarily unavailable and not expected until July. If any of these were the album you wanted, I am sorry, but encourage to you check back periodically to see if they arrived from the manufacturer earlier than expected.

We've Got You Covered is available from June 1 to June 30, 2017 while supplies last. Shipping and handling is assessed on retail value.

July 2017 - Stampaganza

It's baaaaaaaaaaack! Stampaganza 2017 will begin at 12:01am MDT on July 1 (that's 2:01am for those of us on the East Coast).

Close To My Heart has brought some stamp sets back for this Stampaganza. When the stamps pictured below were available, I think they were only available to hostesses to use their rewards on.

The Word Puzzles (one for each month) are from before I became a Consultant. You may purchase the monthly Word Puzzle stamp sets individually or as a bundle (please read below before placing an order for the bundle).

A note about the above stamps. You can purchase one month or two or the entire bundle. Each D-sized set counts toward your buy two get one free.

If you would like to purchase the entire bundle, a savings of $71.80, please contact me first. When you purchase the above bundle, you are only $6.40 from the first level of Hostess Rewards. The first level of Hostess Rewards qualifies you for $25 of Hostess Rewards Credit. Just an FYI, unfortunately Hostess Rewards cannot be applied toward purchasing the special stamps sets that came out of retirement for this July promotion, but can be used on all of the stamps in Annual Insprations 2016-2017 or Seasonal Expressions 2 2017 (except SOTM, Operation Smile stamps and stamps bundled with the Cricut collections).

Hostesses that reach the fourth level of Hostess Rewards (a gathering of $450) can get the Word Puzzle Bundle for FREE!

When you become a Consultant in July you can also receive the Word Puzzle Bundle for FREE!

When placing an order on my Consultant Website, be sure to order in groups of three. The website is designed to give you the lowest priced stamp set(s) for free when you order. If this Stampaganza works as it has in the past and you are ordering three or more of the C-, D- or E-sized stamp sets along with some of the M-, A- or B-sized stamp sets, it might make sense to break your order into two or more shipments and use the $4.95 SmartPost option. I say that because if you plan to purchase two E-sized stamps and two D-sized stamps and want one of each size for free, the system is not designed to calculate it that way. You would be charged for three E-sized and one D-sized stamp sets and would receive two D-sized stamp sets for free. While that is still a good savings ($35.90), it might not be what you hoped ($47.90 if you could get one E- and one D-sized stamp set free). If you have any questions, be sure to contact me.

If I think of other tips or learn of other details I might have missed, I will update this page.

September 2017 - National Stamping Month — From the Heart

I am forbidden from sharing any photos or additional details with you until July, but I can tell you that you will want to budget purchasing this during September. I am in love with the preview I saw and cannot wait until I can order this. Last year during National Stamping Month CTMH offered goodies to Hostesses and their guests for having/attending a stamping party. There may be similar incentives this year. Who knows? As soon as I learn additional details that I can share I will post them here. Start thinking about having an event for you and your friends. Use the contact form to the right if you want to start discussing a date.

Stamp Of the Month

Hello Foxy (S1706)
available June 2017
Storybook Alphabet (S1707)
available July 2017

I have been a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant since March 2012 and in February 2017 I learned something about purchasing the Stamp Of The Month (SOTM) from my Online Business Address (OBA) recently; it is possible to pay $17.95 for the SOTM even if you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart. It turns out that in addition to having a qualifying purchase, the price you pay depends on how you add the SOTM to your shopping cart.

I wrote a blog post about this because I want to help prevent my readers from experiencing this.

As you know, there is a new Close To My Heart SOTM each month and that you can either purchase it for $17.95 or with a $50 qualifying order you can get the SOTM for only $5. You may also know that you can get one SOTM for $5 for each qualifying amount in your cart, that is, if you have $150 in qualifying items in your cart you can purchase three SOTM for $5 each, but I digress.

Before I go further, you may be asking what a qualifying order/amount is. Items that are purchased at a discount, e.g., clearance items, often do not count toward your qualifying purchase. It has been my experience that the purchase of monthly promotional products, e.g., purchase of the Welcome Home Wreath in January, do count toward the qualifying purchase. If they do not, I try to remember to add that information to the CTMH News I publish on the first of each month.

Now, how do you avoid paying $17.95 for the SOTM when you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart? It is all in how you add the SOTM to your cart.

My suggestion is to wait to add the SOTM to your cart until you see a message on your screen that you qualify for the SOTM. When I added an item to my cart that made the shopping cart total over $50, a green shaded bar appeared on my screen with "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month."

When I clicked on the link in "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month", I was taken to my Shopping Cart and the Promotional Items I qualify for are shown near the bottom of the cart in a green shaded area:

Once I clicked the Add To Cart button to the right of the item number and name in the Promotional Items area of my shopping cart, I saw a message that the item was added to my cart and the item is now listed with the other items I placed in my cart.

If my order total qualified me to purchase additional SOTM stamp sets for $5 or there were other promotional items I qualified for, I would still see the green shaded Promotional Items area in my Shopping Cart. If this was a month where a qualifying purchase allowed me to to add something else to my cart, for free or at at discounted price, I would see those items in the Promotional Items area too.

I hope this information helps you to more easily shop my Online Business Address and save money when Close To My Heart is offering a Stamp Of The Month or other promotional item that you would like to purchase.

This page last edited 06/22/2017


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