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For some of the specials below I do not have complete details or photos yet; I am sharing the information I know so it helps a little with planning your shopping.

October through December 2018 - Advent Calendar

This special bundle and workshop assists you to make the Advent Calendar papercrafting project on page 54 of Holiday Expressions. The Advent Calendar Bundle that includes all of the patterned paper and cardstock needed to create the calendar. Additional supplies needed are listed on the flyer below. There is also a Workshop Guide which includes instructions and Cricut Design Space URLs so you can quickly get started creating your Advent Calendar (you will need the Season of Joy Digital Collection linked to your Cricut account).

If you would like to download the Advent Calendar flyer, you will find it here.

September 15 through December 31, 2018 - Important Things

The Important Things Everyday Life™ workshop was created to help you highlight the unique things that are important to you. The workshop shares how to create eight 6″ × 8″ layouts plus a title page and a closing page for an Everyday Life™ album. Be sure to download the Workshop Instructions when you visit the Important Things Promotion Page of my Consultant Website.

If you would like to download the Important Things flyer, you will find it here.

October - Canadian Celebration

This year is the 15-year anniversary of CTMH in Canada. To celebrate CTMH is offering two exclusive stamp sets and two workshop kits honoring Canada.

The Great Outdoors

Complete details can be found on The Great Outdoors Promotions page or on my blog.

The above flyer can also be downloaded here.

True North

The details can be found on the True North Promotions Page or on my blog.

The True North flyer can be found here.

Days of December Workshop

The Days of December workshop is designed to help us capture memories of every day of December. Additional information and photos will be available on November 1.

Days of December - Flyer - front
Days of December - Flyer - back

The Days of December flyer can be downloaded here.

Hello Pumpkin Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop

The Hello Pumpkin Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop is intended to give you another way to use the Hello Pumpkin Paper Pack – totally different than the layouts shown in Holiday Expressions. Additional information and photos will be available on November 1.

Hello Pumpkin Deluxe - Flyer - front
Hello Pumpkin Deluxe - Flyer - back

Download the Hello Pumpkin Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop here.

coming in December - Story Starter Special

Preserve your memories with Story Starter. This is a fun 4" x 4" workshop kit which will walk you through the steps of uncovering meaningful memories related to the people, places, and things you love! Individual workshop kits and stamp sets are available at 25% off; buy the workshop kits and stamps bundled together to save 30%! The Story Starter flyer can be downloaded here.

coming in January - National Papercrafting Month — Frame It Up

During the month of January 2019, the Frame It Up kits will be available. The kit will contain everything you need (except adhesive) to create this beautiful home décor piece. Hostesses who reach the third level or higher of Hostess Rewards and those who become a CTMH Consultant during January will be able to receive a Magnolia Frame kit for free, while supplies last.

Craft with Heart™

This is a new subscription from CTMH featuring Cut Above® layout kits. There will be three options to select from: monthly, 4-month (one delivery of four kits) and 12-month (three deliveries of four kits each). Twelve-month subscribers will also receive 30 free 4" x 6" prints from Persnickety Prints in every box. That is 90 free prints a year!

Visit Create with Craft with Heart™ website to order, view a better image of each month's layout and to read the FAQ.

There is a 12-month subscription, 4-month subscription and monthly subscription available. Subscriptions will be automatically renewed, but can be canceled at any time. Layout kits received with the Craft with Heart™ subscription cannot be returned or exchanged, but if you receive kits with damaged or missing pieces CTMH will correct or replace the kit within 90 days from the date of purchase so be sure to open each box and check the contents.

Each Craft with Heart™ box will include pre-printed base pages, paper pieces, die-cuts, and stickers to make two scrapbook layouts, plus three 12" x 12" Memory Protectors™ and a marketing postcard. Twelve-month subscribers will also receive information about redeeming 30 free 4" x 6" prints from Persnickety Prints in every box.

Unfortunately purchasing the subscription is not eligible to be joined to a Gathering and it cannot be used to purchase the SOTM at a discount.

Here is a flyer about this subscription program.

Stamp Of the Month

Candy Cane Alphabet (S1812)
available December 2018
Card Captions (S1901)
available January 2019

Ordering the Stamp Of the Month

I have been a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant since March 2012 and in February 2017 I learned something about purchasing the Stamp Of The Month (SOTM) from my Online Business Address (OBA) recently; it is possible to pay $17.95 for the SOTM even if you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart. It turns out that in addition to having a qualifying purchase, the price you pay depends on how you add the SOTM to your shopping cart.

I wrote a blog post about this because I want to help prevent my readers from experiencing this.

As you know, there is a new Close To My Heart SOTM each month and that you can either purchase it for $17.95 or with a $50 qualifying order you can get the SOTM for only $5. You may also know that you can get one SOTM for $5 for each qualifying amount in your cart, that is, if you have $150 in qualifying items in your cart you can purchase three SOTM for $5 each, but I digress.

Before I go further, you may be asking what a qualifying order/amount is. Items that are purchased at a discount, e.g., clearance items, often do not count toward your qualifying purchase. It has been my experience that the purchase of monthly promotional products, e.g., purchase of the Welcome Home Wreath in January, do count toward the qualifying purchase. If they do not, I try to remember to add that information to the CTMH News I publish on the first of each month.

Now, how do you avoid paying $17.95 for the SOTM when you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart? It is all in how you add the SOTM to your cart.

My suggestion is to wait to add the SOTM to your cart until you see a message on your screen that you qualify for the SOTM. When I added an item to my cart that made the shopping cart total over $50, a green shaded bar appeared on my screen with "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month."

When I clicked on the link in "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month", I was taken to my Shopping Cart and the Promotional Items I qualify for are shown near the bottom of the cart in a green shaded area:

Once I clicked the Add To Cart button to the right of the item number and name in the Promotional Items area of my shopping cart, I saw a message that the item was added to my cart and the item is now listed with the other items I placed in my cart.

If my order total qualified me to purchase additional SOTM stamp sets for $5 or there were other promotional items I qualified for, I would still see the green shaded Promotional Items area in my Shopping Cart. If this was a month where a qualifying purchase allowed me to to add something else to my cart, for free or at at discounted price, I would see those items in the Promotional Items area too.

I hope this information helps you to more easily shop my Consultant Website and save money when Close To My Heart is offering a Stamp Of The Month or other promotional items that you would like to purchase.

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