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December 2017 - Through the Year

The December Through the Year Calendar Kit will use the November 2017 SOTM. If you would like to save yourself a little money, order the SOTM during November for $5 with your $50 qualifying purchase so you may choose the kit that does not include the stamp. If you miss the Through the Year SOTM in November, there will be kits available with the stamp, but the price of the kit will be based on the full retail price of the stamp.

Through the Year Calendar Kit
available December 2017
suggested retail $50.02; during Dec '17 $38.95
Through the Year Calendar Kit with Stamp Set (CC1344S)
available December 2017
suggested retail $67.97; during Dec '17 $56.90

You will find the following items included in the kit:
If you want to complete the calendar exactly as shown in the instructions, and you do not already have these products, you will need the following items:
If you follow the instructions, your completed calendar pages will look like this:

The Through the Year Calendar Kit (CC1344) is also for free when you are a Hostess whose December gathering reaches the fourth (or higher) level of Hostess Rewards or when you become a new Consultant.

As a final reminder, the best value is to purchase the November 2017 SOTM in November for $5 with a $50 qualifying purchase so you may purchase the kit without the stamp for $38.95.

January 2018 - National Papercrafting Month - Love Letters

Create your own gorgeous monogram décor with our exclusive Love Letters kits, available only in January 2018 for National Papercrafting Month! For only $18.95 these kits include everything (except adhesives) you need to create a beautiful décor piece using the letter—or letters—of your choice! All 26 letters and an ampersand will be available. There are three ways you can earn a free letter kit:
  • Buy 5 letter kits, get the sixth free
  • Sign up to become a Consultant and get a free letter kit of your choice
  • Host a qualifying party and get a free letter kit of your choice
Additional supplies you may want to complete the letters as shown:
  • Quilling Tool (Z1795)
  • Liquid Glass (Z679) -  use for layering florals; not on paper overlay
  • 3-D Foam Tape (Z1151)
  • Bonding Memories™ Dual Action Glue Pen (Z553)
  • Adhesive Runner (Z3372)

I will post more information as it becomes available.

Stamp Of the Month

A Little Bit of Pun (S1712)
available December 2017
Bloom & Grow (S1801)
available January 2018

Ordering the Stamp Of the Month

I have been a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant since March 2012 and in February 2017 I learned something about purchasing the Stamp Of The Month (SOTM) from my Online Business Address (OBA) recently; it is possible to pay $17.95 for the SOTM even if you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart. It turns out that in addition to having a qualifying purchase, the price you pay depends on how you add the SOTM to your shopping cart.

I wrote a blog post about this because I want to help prevent my readers from experiencing this.

As you know, there is a new Close To My Heart SOTM each month and that you can either purchase it for $17.95 or with a $50 qualifying order you can get the SOTM for only $5. You may also know that you can get one SOTM for $5 for each qualifying amount in your cart, that is, if you have $150 in qualifying items in your cart you can purchase three SOTM for $5 each, but I digress.

Before I go further, you may be asking what a qualifying order/amount is. Items that are purchased at a discount, e.g., clearance items, often do not count toward your qualifying purchase. It has been my experience that the purchase of monthly promotional products, e.g., purchase of the Welcome Home Wreath in January, do count toward the qualifying purchase. If they do not, I try to remember to add that information to the CTMH News I publish on the first of each month.

Now, how do you avoid paying $17.95 for the SOTM when you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart? It is all in how you add the SOTM to your cart.

My suggestion is to wait to add the SOTM to your cart until you see a message on your screen that you qualify for the SOTM. When I added an item to my cart that made the shopping cart total over $50, a green shaded bar appeared on my screen with "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month."

When I clicked on the link in "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month", I was taken to my Shopping Cart and the Promotional Items I qualify for are shown near the bottom of the cart in a green shaded area:

Once I clicked the Add To Cart button to the right of the item number and name in the Promotional Items area of my shopping cart, I saw a message that the item was added to my cart and the item is now listed with the other items I placed in my cart.

If my order total qualified me to purchase additional SOTM stamp sets for $5 or there were other promotional items I qualified for, I would still see the green shaded Promotional Items area in my Shopping Cart. If this was a month where a qualifying purchase allowed me to to add something else to my cart, for free or at at discounted price, I would see those items in the Promotional Items area too.

I hope this information helps you to more easily shop my Consultant Website and save money when Close To My Heart is offering a Stamp Of The Month or other promotional item that you would like to purchase.

This page last edited 11/30/2017


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