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For some of the specials below I do not have complete details or photos yet; I am sharing the information I know so it helps a little with planning your shopping.

Summary of Close To My Heart Specials:
All specials are available while supplies last.

Album Retreat Stamp Set

Can't Get Enough (E1053)
By popular demand, the Can’t Get Enough—E1053 stamp set which was originally only available to the attendees of the latest CTMH Album Retreat, is now available on my Consultant Website. It is available immediately and will be available for the foreseeable future. The Corporate Office will let us know when this stamp set will be retired.

Bring Back My Pack—Urban

Bring Back My Pack—Urban
Bring Back My Pack—Urban is a slimmed down refresh of the Urban paper collection which was originally in Annual Inspirations 2015-2016. The original Urban release featured the following colors: Champagne, Colonial White, Peacock, Saddle, Saffron, Sapphire, Slate, Whisper. The refreshed colors are French Vanilla, Peacock, Pewter, Saffron, Sapphire and Toffee. There is also a new sticker sheet and stamp set. The image shows some of the projects you can create when you follow the Workshop Instructions.

This flyer summaries the Urban Workshop special:

Bring Back My Pack — Urban Flyer - front
Bring Back My Pack — Urban Flyer - back

You can download the Urban flyer here. Bring Back My Pack — Urban is available until January 31, 2020 while supplies last.

National Papercrafting Month–All Around Creativity

All Around Creativity
January is National Papercrafting Month. To recognize this event CTMH is offering All Around Creativity. The special is a wooden wreath kit with two double-sided patterned papers, die-cut flowers and leaves with a paper bow. Choose from four different sentiments, select the patterned paper, embellish with any combination of the flowers, leaves and bow to add to your home décor.

Completed All Around Creativity wreaths
The wreaths are available at a special discount when you buy four or more (any combination of sentiments) on one order. Shipping & handling based on full retail price of all items.

All Around Creativity options
This flyer summarizes the National Papercrafting Month special:

All Around Creativity Flyer - front
All Around Creativity Flyer - back

Download the flyer here. All Around Creativity is available until January 31st while supplies last.

Oh My Heart

Oh My Heart
Oh My Heart features an exclusive paper packet, coordinating cardstock and stamp set. The featured colors are Ballerina, Candy Apple, Glacier, Lemonade, Pixie, Raspberry, Smoothie, and White Daisy. You can save 25% when you purchase Oh My Heart items in a workshop kit that includes the papers, cardstock, and stamp set. When you use the Workshop Kit together with a few additional supplies and follow the Workshop Instructions created for this collection you will create over 40 cards and one each 2-page and single page layouts.

This flyer summarizes the Oh My Heart Workshop special:

Oh My Heart Flyer - front
Oh My Heart Flyer - back

You can download a PDF copy of the Oh My Heart flyer here. Oh My Heart is available until February 29, 2020 while supplies last.

Craft with Heart™

Craft with Heart™ Subscriptions
The scrapbooking subscription from CTMH featuring Cut Above® layout kits continues and now here is also a cardmaking option.

The scrapbooking subscription has three options to select from: monthly, 4-month (one delivery of four kits) and 12-month (three deliveries of four kits each). Twelve-month subscribers will also receive 30 free 4" x 6" prints from Persnickety Prints in every box. That is 90 free prints a year!

The cardmaking version has two options: a 4-month and a 12-month subscription.

Visit Create with Craft with Heart™ website to order, view images of the completed projects and to read the FAQ.

Subscriptions will be automatically renewed, but can be canceled at any time. Kits received with the Craft with Heart™ subscriptions cannot be returned or exchanged, but if you receive kits with damaged or missing pieces CTMH will correct or replace the kit within 90 days from the date of purchase so be sure to open each box and check the contents.

Unfortunately purchasing the subscription is not eligible to be joined to a Gathering and it cannot be used to purchase the SOTM at a discount.

Stamp Of the Month

Everyday Magic (S2001)
available January 2020
Cherishing Her (S2002)
available February 2020

Ordering the Stamp Of the Month

I have been a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant since March 2012 and in February 2017 I learned something about purchasing the Stamp Of The Month (SOTM) from my Online Business Address (OBA) recently; it is possible to pay $18.95 for the SOTM even if you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart. It turns out that in addition to having a qualifying purchase, the price you pay depends on how you add the SOTM to your shopping cart.

I wrote a blog post about this because I want to help prevent my readers from experiencing this.

As you know, there is a new Close To My Heart SOTM each month and that you can either purchase it for $18.95 or with a $50 qualifying order you can get the SOTM for only $5. You may also know that you can get one SOTM for $5 for each qualifying amount in your cart, that is, if you have $150 in qualifying items in your cart you can purchase three SOTM for $5 each, but I digress.

Before I go further, you may be asking what a qualifying order/amount is. Items that are purchased at a discount, e.g., clearance items, often do not count toward your qualifying purchase. It has been my experience that the purchase of monthly promotional products, e.g., purchase of the Welcome Home Wreath in January, do count toward the qualifying purchase. If they do not, I try to remember to add that information to the CTMH News I publish on the first of each month.

Now, how do you avoid paying $18.95 for the SOTM when you have a qualifying order total in your shopping cart? It is all in how you add the SOTM to your cart.

My suggestion is to wait to add the SOTM to your cart until you see a message on your screen that you qualify for the SOTM. When I added an item to my cart that made the shopping cart total over $50, a green shaded bar appeared on my screen with "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month."

When I clicked on the link in "Congratulations! You qualify for Stamp of the Month", I was taken to my Shopping Cart and the Promotional Items I qualify for are shown near the bottom of the cart in a green shaded area:

Once I clicked the Add To Cart button to the right of the item number and name in the Promotional Items area of my shopping cart, I saw a message that the item was added to my cart and the item is now listed with the other items I placed in my cart.

If my order total qualified me to purchase additional SOTM stamp sets for $5 or there were other promotional items I qualified for, I would still see the green shaded Promotional Items area in my Shopping Cart. If this was a month where a qualifying purchase allowed me to to add something else to my cart, for free or at at discounted price, I would see those items in the Promotional Items area too.

I hope this information helps you to more easily shop my Consultant Website and save money when Close To My Heart is offering a Stamp Of The Month or other promotional items that you would like to purchase.

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