Monday, October 12, 2015

Tips and Techniques with ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Markers

In this video, Jill tells us about the markers, there is a broad tip (black barrel) and a fine tip (grey barrel), how to store them and tips for using them.

The CTMH description of the video Tips and Techniques with ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Markers is "The ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ markers can take your artwork to a whole new level. Close To My Heart offers a selection of 24 colors with everything from versatile neutrals to vibrant brights. Follow along to see how you can transform your projects with these markers."

Some tips from the video that I want to be sure you do not miss:
  • there is a broad tip (black barrel) and a fine tip (grey barrel)
  • the alcohol-based formula is easy to blend
  • build up layers to create more intense colors
  • the Colorless Blender (Z2469) has the same alcohol formula allows you to take away some of the color
  • when layering colors it typically does not matter which color you start with except when you are using Black or Grey; when using Black or Grey, always start with them
  • Black (Z2455) and Cerulean Blue Light (Z2449) make a nice denim color
  • Mahogany (Z2456) and Light Orange (Z2446) make a golden highlight in hair
  • Marigold (Z2457) and Pastel Green (Z2459) make a golden blond hair color
  • color embellishments with the markers to create any color you like; in the video Jill colored White Enamel Stars (Z2010) and Sequins Silver Assortment (Z2013)
  • color White Shimmer Trim (Z3024) any color that you need, press lightly and use small strokes so you do not damage the marker's nib
  • store you markers horizontally so the formula remains in both marker tips and does not pool in one end; the Marker Roll-Up (Z2130) is perfect, IMO, for storing the markers because it stores them horizontally and keeps them organized so the right color is easy to find
  • #CTMHShinHan is the hashtag CTMH suggests using when posting your creations on-line; this tag will make it is easier for people to find projects using their product
About 4 minutes into the video, find the cheat sheet Jill created. What a great reference for when you are working with the ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Markers.

Also, please be sure to visit Coloring Time! a post on the Close To My Heart Make It from Your Heart blog where you will find another great reference. You can download a color chart where you will find suggested marker color combinations to re-create exclusive CTMH colors with the ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ markers. Be sure to read all of the tips, tricks and suggestions before you start coloring so you can get the closest possible match.

If you still have questions about the ShinHan™ Touch Twin™ Markers, please do not hesitate to send me an email. If you are ready to place an order, the Shop Now button will take you there.

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