Sunday, March 27, 2016

Happy Easter - You Are My Sunshine

Happy Easter! To celebrate the holiday today we are doing a family tradition of making a salas and a dessert to take to my aunt and uncle's home (the whole time commenting about how we hate to cook) and then going to their house, where their daughter cooked enough for an army, and we all eat too much. I hope you are able to enjoy your family traditions too.

I am also sharing another card I created using the March 2016 Stamp of the Month Sunshine Birdies.

The SOTM is a D-size set of 11 stamps that is $5 with a qualifying purchase. Alternatively you may purchase it for $17.95. Recommended CTMH My Acrylix® Blocks for this stamp set are: 2" x 2" (Y1003) and 2" x 3½" (Y1009).

This is another scene card I stamped before a business trip. I went with the intent of coloring with my Watercolor Pencils in the evening, but I didn't always get a chance as sometimes I was working on the labs from the training I attended. Our training ended early on the last day so I went to the library to color before catching my ride home.

All supplies are from Close To My Heart except where noted:
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If you have any product or promotion questions, do not hesitate to email me. You will also find me on Facebook at Brenda's Paper Crafts. Thank you for visiting today.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Update - Mystery Hostess Party

Unfortunately we did not reach a Hostess Rewards level during the Mystery Hostess Party.

We will have a Mystery Hostess Party again in the future. Next time I will give you more notice about the party and keep it open for longer. I quickly scheduled one this past weekend since I was unable to offer finished products for sale at the craft fair (my Certificate of Authority to collect sales tax did not arrive before the fair).

Those who ordered during the Mystery Hostess Party have been reached about their choice of M-sized stamp.

Until next time...

Friday, March 18, 2016

Mystery Hostess Party

UPDATE Sunday, March 20 around 4:30pm:
my Online Business Address is unreachable and has been that way for at least an hour this afternoon so I am going to extend the Mystery Hostess Party until Monday, March 21 at midnight. The event should still show on my OBA tomorrow - traditionally Gatherings appear for a day or two after their end date - so if you were planning to order today and were unable due to technical difficulties you have more time.

To celebrate my first Craft Fair I am having a Mystery Hostess Party this weekend.

I started writing this Thursday evening and scheduled it to publish Friday morning. It is going on 11pm on Friday and I think it finally has all of the information I planned to include.

If my sales by Sunday at 11:59 pm reach a hostess rewards level, which is a minimum of $150, I will draw a name from a hat to receive the hostess rewards worth a minimum of $25. How to get your name in the hat: when you order $25 before tax and shipping from my website, you will be entered one time. In addition, you will be entered for each additional $25 of product you order.

This is the flyer I am handing out at the craft fair:

When you go to my Online Business Address (OBA), be sure to click Join to the right of Mystery Hostess Party so your purchase will count toward your name going in the hat.

In addition, as a thank you from me, for each $25 of product you purchase, you may select your choice of M-sized stamp set from me for free (please do not include the M-sized stamp on your order, instead send me a message with your choice and I will sent it to you separate from your order).

To help you decide which stamp set you would like to choose, here are the M-sized stamps that are retiring on either April 30 or July 31 of this year:

M-Sized Stamps Retiring in April or July 2016
item #descriptionimageIdea Book
Cricut® Compatibleretiring on
M1135 On the Plus Side SE 1 '11no4/30/2016
M1136 Patch of Sky 11no4/30/2016
M1137 A Day for Mother 12no4/30/2016
M1000 Monogram A S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1001 Monogram B S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1002 Monogram C S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1003 Monogram D S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1004 Monogram E S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1005 Monogram F S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1006 Monogram G S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1007 Monogram H S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1008 Monogram I S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1009 Monogram J S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1010 Monogram K S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1011 Monogram L S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1012 Monogram M S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1013 Monogram N S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1014 Monogram O S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1015 Monogram P S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1016 Monogram Q S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1017 Monogram R S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1018 Monogram S S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1019 Monogram T S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1020 Monogram U S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1021 Monogram V 12Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1022 Monogram W S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1023 Monogram X S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1024 Monogram Y 12Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1025 Monogram Z S/S '13 pg 114Art Philosophy, Artiste7/31/2016
M1050 Mini Calendar AI '14-'15 pg 139Artiste7/31/2016
M1051 Wish AI '15-'16 pg 68no7/31/2016
M1053 Sweeter with You AI '15-'16 pg 73no7/31/2016
M1054 XOXO AI '15-'16 pg 73no7/31/2016
M1055 Friendship Wreath SE 2 '14-'15 pg 13no7/31/2016
M1122 Wedding Day AI '15-'16 pg 57no7/31/2016
M1123 Feel Better AI '14-'15 pg 73no7/31/2016
M1124 Birthday Calligraphy AI '15-'16 pg 129no7/31/2016
M1125 Celebrate! AI '15-'16 pg 129no7/31/2016
M1126 This Is Christmas HE '15-'16 pg 31no7/31/2016
M1127 Hand-Lettered Christmas HE '15-'16 pg 31no7/31/2016
M1128 Doubly Merry HE '15-'16 pg 31no7/31/2016
M1129 Holiday Greetings HE '15-'16 pg 31no7/31/2016
M1130 A Penned Hello AI '15-'16 pg 129no7/31/2016
M1131 Victorian Gratitude AI '15-'16 pg 129no7/31/2016

There are other M-size stamp sets available. They are the US states and Canadian provinces. They are not retiring and should be in the next Annual Inspirations. Some are shown on page 103 of Annual Inspirations '15-'16. On my OBA search for the state or province you are interested in and you will see the stamp set or here is a list:

M-Sized Stamps
item #descriptionimageIdea Book Page
M1057 Alabama AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1058 Alaska AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1060 Arizona AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1061 Arkansas AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1065 California AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1066 Colorado AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1067 Connecticut AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1068 Delaware AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1069 Florida AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1070 Georgia AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1071 Hawaii AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1072 Idaho AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1073 Illinois AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1074 Indiana AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1075 Iowa AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1076 Kansas AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1077 Kentucky AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1078 Louisiana AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1079 Maine AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1081 Maryland AI '15-'16 pg 129
M1082 Massachusetts AI '15-'16 pg 129
M1083 Michigan AI '14-'15 pg 139
M1133 Minnesota AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1084 Mississippi AI '15-'16 pg 68
M1085 Missouri AI '15-'16 pg 73
M1086 Montana AI '15-'16 pg 73
M1087 Nebraska SE 2 '14-'15 pg 13
M1088 Nevada AI '15-'16 pg 57
M1090 New Hampshire AI '14-'15 pg 73
M1091 New Jersey AI '15-'16 pg 129
M1092 New Mexico AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1093 New York AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1096 North Carolina AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1097 North Dakota AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1101 Ohio AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1102 Oklahoma AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1104 Oregon 12
M1105 Pennsylvania AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1108 Rhode Island AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1110 South Carolina AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1111 South Dakota AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1112 Tennessee AI '15-'16 pg 129
M1113 Texas AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1114 Utah AI '15-'16 pg 129
M1115 Vermont AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1116 Virginia AI '15-'16 pg 129
M1117 Washington AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1118 West Virgina AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1119 Wisconsin AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1120 Wyoming AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1059 Alberta AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1080 Manitoba AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1089 New Brunswick AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1095 Newfoundland & Labrador AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1098 Northwest Territories AI '15-'16 pg 103
M1099 Nova Scotia 12
M1106 Prince Edward Island AI '15-'16 pg 129
M1107 Quebec AI '15-'16 pg 103

If ordering and you want to be certain that you joined the Mystery Hostess Party, look for this above the items in your shopping cart:

If you have any questions about the Mystery Hostess Party, do not hesitate to email me. Thanks for stopping by today.