Sunday, September 9, 2012

Products that Complement the CTMH Exclusive Cricut® cartridges

There are several CTMH products that complement images that you can cut from either of the Cricut® cartridges that are exclusive to Close to My Heart. My Acrylix® stamps that have a corresponding shape on a cartridge are outlined in red. Then, to determine which cartridge that the stamp works with, look below the product name, or, as in the case of stamps that are included in Workshops on the Go® Kits, look below the image of the Workshop Stamp Sets.

Below is a list of CTMH products under which Cricut® Collection they work with.

Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection
Items that Coordinate with the Cricut® Art Philosophy Collection:

Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book
My Acrylix® Stamp Sets
page #item #item name
20D1526Family Tree
46D1524Frame It Up
71C1462All Hallows Eve
71B1413Perfect Fit - Halloween
72D1490Backdrop - Charmed
74B1412Perfect Fit - Holidays
75D1520Ornamental Cheer
76D1518Christmas Delights
77D1494Christmas Cheer
78C1469December 25th
90B1400Beautiful Friendship
91D1527Perfect Fit - Frames
93C1467Sweet Moments
Dimensional Elements
131Z1683Mixed Shapes*
131Z1682Notable Alphabet
Workshops on The Go® Kits
35G1047Workshops on the Go® Dakota Scrapbooking Kit
53G1050Workshops on the Go® Flirty Scrapbooking Kit
Spring/Summer 2012 Idea Book (products still available)
My Acrylix® Stamp Sets
page #item #item name
18B1398Just for You
24C1484Love Clusters
30C1502Princess Wings
35C1497Pure Adventure
53D1506Family Love
60C1483Born to Ride
67A1121A Blossom
69D1491Hooray Bouquet
79D1458American Celebration
79D1459Canadian Celebration
87C1501New Arrival
88D1515Play Day
91D1502Look Who's...
92C1464Blue Ribbon
95B1392Key Moments
98C1503The Best Things
100D1482Love Life
108B1399Crafted with Love
+ new in Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book
* would replenish items used from purchase of Collection

Cricut® Artiste Collection

Items that coordinate with the Cricut® Artiste Collection:

Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book
My Acrylix® Stamp Sets
page #item #item name
27D1525Casual Expressions
28B1408Buttons, Bits, and Bobs
57C1509Magic Potions
105C1523Outta This World
Dimensional Elements
131Z1791Album Pages*
Workshops on The Go® Kits
14G1040Workshops on the Go® Spellbound Cricut Kit
21G1045Workshops on the Go® Avonlea Scrapbooking Kit
41G1048Workshops on the Go® La Bella Vie Scrapbooking Kit
67G1044Workshops on the Go® Advent Calendar Kit
* would replenish items used from purchase of Collection

Hopefully I did not make any mistakes translating the printed word into this blog post. If you find any errors they are mine alone. Please drop me a note via the link below to let me know if you find any errors. I hope you find this list helpful.

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