Friday, April 27, 2018

Fab Faves Weekend Sale - April 27

It is Friday at 2pm EDT so it is time for the Final Fab Faves Weekend Sale of April.

I do not know what items are in this sale, but I think I got a glimpse at a few of them when capturing the link for this post and I am excited! You may recall I told you Corporate said this about the sale: "This weekend’s sale will feature a unique set of items and product bundles available at 25% off the retail price. These deals will only be available for 24 hours while supplies last, so be sure to get your shopping in early!" I haven’t looked at my schedule for the day yet, but I think someone put a meeting on my calendar during the start of the sale. Yikes!

UPDATE - Here's what was on sale when I was able to check about 1/2 past 2pm EDT:

If you are interested in anything, order soon because this offer is while supplies last.

I look forward to really seeing what CTMH will have on sale this week. Thanks for dropping by.


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