Monday, August 13, 2018

CTMH Announcements

This was supposed to post at 12am this morning, but I guess I forgot to click the correct button - save versus publish. There are a few announcements I need to share.

Holiday Expressions 2018

This new idea book will be valid from September 1, 2018 to December 31, 2018.

Until August 31st, Annual Inspirations 2017-2018 and Seasonal Expressions 2 are still valid and many items in those books are still available. Information about the current idea books are on my CTMH Idea Books page.

Clearance Items

There are new Clearance items available. They can be found by visiting my Consultant Website then choosing Shop followed by the Clearance menu. There is a wide range of items available at deeply discounted prices, but remember all clearance items are only available while supplies last and shipping is calculated on the full retail value of the product!

Printed Workshop Instructions

Workshops Your Way® kits include printed instructions with the kit, however workshop kits created for monthly specials like Here's To You and More Magical do not include printed instructions. A PDF of Workshop Guides for these kits can be downloaded using the link under the "Add to Cart" button or under "Product Description" on the product page. Be sure to download the instructions before the promotion ends. If you happen to miss a guide, please contact me using the Contact Form to the right.

Tombow® Permanent Adhesive Refill

UPDATE Thursday, September 27, 2017:
Additional stock of the Tombow® Adhesive Refills (Z3327) has been received, so this item is once again available for order. Effective immediately, with this item back in stock, the Tombow® Adhesive (Z3326) and the Duck® Easy Stick™ Adhesive Pack (Z3033) will return to their regular retail prices.

CTMH is currently out of stock of the Tombow® Permanent Adhesive Refill (Z3327). The supplier is unable to provide more refills until mid-September. Although this shortage was caused by factors beyond the control of CTMH and the supplier, CTMH recognizes the inconvenience this causes for customers. That's why CTMH will be offering a temporary 10% discount on the Tombow® Permanent Adhesive (Z3326) and the Duck® Easy Stick™ Adhesive Pack (Z3033). This discounted price will apply to all orders for these two adhesive options until we receive additional stock of the Adhesive Refill.

I feel like I am forgetting something; I will post anything I remember on this post. If you have any questions I can be reached via the Contact Form to the right.


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