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April 2020 CTMH News

Hello! Happy April Fools. I bet with all of our social distancing it was harder for someone to play a trick on you. Also, Happy Spring. I hope that you and your family are staying healthy and are finding fun ways to stay busy during this time of social distancing. I have to admit that wish I had a lot of time on my hands to be creative, but I am working from home. The only extra time I have is what I save from commuting. Unfortunately that doesn't add up to a lot of extra crafty time.

April 2020 Stamp Of The Month O-fish-ally Awesome

O-fish-ally Awesome (S2004) - CTMH SOTM April 2020
O-fish-ally Awesome (S2004) is an exclusive D-size set of 37 stamps that is only available for purchase during the month of April 2020. The stamp set can be yours for $5 when you place an order of $50 or more in qualifying Close To My Heart products (and you qualify for additional sets at $5 for each $50 you spend). Alternatively it is available at $18.95. Recommended CTMH My Acrylix® Blocks for this stamp set are: 1" × 1" (Y1000), 1" × 3½" (Y1002), 2" × 2" (Y1003) and 5" × 6" (Y1015).

CTMH Corporate Artists created two cards below using the O-fish-ally Awesome stamp set.

cards created with O-fish-ally Awesome
If you would like a list of the products used to create the above cards, you will find the information in the Recipes, a PDF file that lists the products used to make the samples in the March–April 2020 Catalog. I am participating in a O-fish-ally Awesome blog hop this month; you will find my post here tomorrow. Please visit my April SOTM (S2004) O-fish-ally Awesome Pinterest Board for other ideas to use the O-fish-ally Awesome stamp set.

Cardstock Carnival

Cardstock Carnival
April's special is all about the beautiful CTMH cardstock.

There are several options: you can select the Cardstock Carnival Bundle (CC42012) which includes one each of the color-family Cardstock Bundles. There are eleven color-family Cardstock Bundles (there are a total of 24 sheets in each bundle) or you can choose single-color Cardstock Packs.

The bundle options are:

Cardstock Carnival Bundle (CC42012)
1 – Red Cardstock Bundle (CC4201)
1 – Pink Cardstock Bundle (CC4202)
1 – Purple Cardstock Bundle (CC4203)
1 – Blue Cardstock Bundle (CC4204)
1 – Green-blue Cardstock Bundle (CC4205)
1 – Green Cardstock Bundle (CC4206)
1 – Yellow-green Cardstock Bundle (CC4207)
1 – Yellow Cardstock Bundle (CC4208)
1 – Orange Cardstock Bundle (CC4209)
1 – Brown Cardstock Bundle (CC4210)
1 – Grey Cardstock Bundle (CC4211)

Red Cardstock Bundle (CC4201)
6 sheets Ruby Cardstock
6 sheets Candy Apple Cardstock
6 sheets Smoothie Cardstock
6 sheets Peach Cardstock

Pink Cardstock Bundle (CC4202)
6 sheets Ballerina Cardstock
6 sheets Pixie Cardstock
6 sheets Raspberry Cardstock
6 sheets Sangria Cardstock

Purple Cardstock Bundle (CC4203)
6 sheets Thistle Cardstock
6 sheets Eggplant Cardstock
6 sheets Lilac Cardstock
6 sheets Wisteria Cardstock

Blue Cardstock Bundle (CC4204)
8 sheets Carolina Cardstock
8 sheets Bluebird Cardstock
8 sheets Sapphire Cardstock

Green-blue Cardstock Bundle (CC4205)
6 sheets Peacock Cardstock
6 sheets Glacier Cardstock
6 sheets Lagoon Cardstock
6 sheets Mint Cardstock

Green Cardstock Bundle (CC4206)
6 sheets Julep Cardstock
6 sheets Evergreen Cardstock
6 sheets Sage Cardstock
6 sheets Clover Cardstock

Yellow-green Cardstock Bundle (CC4207)
6 sheets Green Apple Cardstock
6 sheets Sweet Leaf Cardstock
6 sheets New England Ivy Cardstock
6 sheet Fern Cardstock

Yellow Cardstock Bundle (CC4208)
8 sheets Lemonade Cardstock
8 sheets Canary Cardstock
8 sheets Saffron Cardstock

Orange Cardstock Bundle (CC4209)
8 sheets Goldrush Cardstock
8 sheets Nectarine Cardstock
8 sheets Paprika Cardstock

Brown Cardstock Bundle (CC4210)
6 sheets Almond Cardstock
6 sheets Toffee Cardstock
6 sheets Espresso Cardstock
6 sheets Mink Cardstock

Grey Cardstock Bundle (CC4211)
6 sheets Linen Cardstock
6 sheets Pebble Cardstock
6 sheets Pewter Cardstock
6 sheets Charcoal Cardstock

The single color packs include the color of the year, Julep, and White Daisy. You will find all of the options on the Promotions page of my Consultant Website.

The Cardstock Carnival flyer contained three pages; click on any image for a better look.

Cardstock Carnival Flyer 1

Cardstock Carnival Flyer2

Cardstock Carnival Flyer3

A PDF of the Cardstock Carnival flyer can be downloaded here.

Let’s Stay Home

Let's Stay Home (CC3212) - set of 28
Last week CTMH introduced Let’s Stay Home. It is a fun D-size stamp set designed to make it easier to create cards, scrapbook pages, and other crafts about what we are all going through right now with social distancing and a focus on staying home.
Be sure to check out this video (you do not need to have a Facebook account to view it) on the CTMH Facebook Page to get a better look at all of the stamps and to see a fantastic page. Just substitute the photo and alter the journaling a bit and it could be my experience the past week or two.

These Are My People

These Are My People
The These Are My People collection released last month (I introduced it in this post), continues through the end of April while supplies last. My purchase just arrived today and it is gorgeous. I will be participating in a These Are My People blog hop on April 10.

Easter Traditions

Easter Traditions
Easter Traditions was announced in mid-March; I shared details on this post. You can choose the adorable Easter bunnies, the Easter eggs that spell out "Easter" or you can purchase a bundled that includes one of each. Each banner comes with a digital art file to make it easy for you to embellish the shapes using papers of your choice.
March–April 2020 Catalog

cover March–April 2020 Catalog
The March–April catalog is in its final month. I love the anique feel of Yesterday & Today and those who love to visit the beach or go boating will love Seas the Day. You can view this catalog online or download a PDF to view anytime you have your device, but no Internet.

Stay safe during this unique time in our history. I hope as we approach the end of April that the most difficult part of COVID-19 will be in our past, but I fear that may be the optimist in me. I wish you and your family good health and many creative hours ahead.


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