Sunday, August 13, 2023

Coming Tuesday Last Chance Clearance Sale

Hello! I am popping on today to share Close To My Heart scheduled a Last Chance Clearance Sale.

Last Chance Clearance Sale August 15 to August 31, 2023
Last Chance Clearance Sale
August 15 to August 31, 2023
There will be amazing savings during the Last Chance Clearance Sale! A new selection of stamp + Thin Cuts sets will be added to the clearance section of my eCommerce site at discounts over 50%-off! This last chance sale means that it will be the last time ever that the items will be available for purchase, and all of the items will only be available while supplies last. The eye popping savings begin August 15 at 5:00 pm EDT and end August 31 at 1:59 am EDT. The Last Chance Clearance Sale items will only be available for purchase on my Maker website.

I believe the Last Chance Clearance Sale will be similar to past Flash Sales. The purchase price will likely count toward qualifying orders for the Stamp Of The Month and earning VIP Credit, shipping & handling will be based on the full retail price, items in the sale are while supplies last and it is best to save any VIP Credit you have for a future order (items purchased with VIP Credit "ring up" at full price).

Also, do not forget, VIP Customers will be able to begin getting a free copy of the catalogs with orders placed starting August 15.

Like the Last Chance Clearance Sale, Startup Savings and Memory Lane are also ending on August 31.

Startup Savings
Startup Savings
Since I shared the Startup Savings details earlier, I will ask you to visit some past posts for more information. This post, Cut Above® Starter Kits, reviews the Starter Kits available at 20% off. On this post I also share the products needed (primarily adhesive) and optional items (stamps, inks and embellishments) you may want to complete the kits. Cut Above® Layout Kits focuses on the Layout Kits available at a buy 2, get 1 free offer. On that post I show the items included in the kit and the two layouts each kit creates. Finally I wrap with Cut Above® Card Kits. Again I share the pieces in the kit and the completed cards. I did some quick math to show how purchasing three Card Kits is in a cost per card. I found that the cards are under $2 each if you make them as shown in the flyer included in the kits. Of course you can embellish the cards with other products (Shimmer Brushes, Shimmer Tapes, die cut flowers, etc.) which does raise the cost per card a bit, but makes each card uniquely your own.

Memory Lane
Memory Lane
I posted the details of Memory Lane in early July right after the promotion was introduced. On that post I shared the Memory Lane flyer which shows all of the product options, but more importantly, the layouts and cards you can create if you follow the instructions in the Workshop Guides.

A Gnome for All Seasons—Autumn
A Gnome for All Seasons—Autumn
The A Gnome for All Seasons—Autumn special is scheduled to be available through September 30 (while supplies last). Since some of the other specials have quickly sold out (even I missed some items I would have liked), if you like the Autumn Gnome collection, I encourage you to order early.

I hope your week ahead has wonderful weather and no bumps in the road. Take care!


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