Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CTMH Cut Above™ Christmas Card Kit - Another Variation

If you have visited my blog this week you have seen most of the cards I created using the CTMH Cut Above™ Christmas Card Kit (Z2064) using the Merriest Christmas (B1468) stamp set. Today I have one last variation of the card to share with you.

With all of my stops and starts working on with this kit, packing it away and bringing it out again, I somehow misplaced one of the glitter paper pieces (my guess is it either is marking my place in a book or one of my cats stole it which is very possible since I caught one carrying a full skein of yarn in his mouth - I wish I had a video of that).

Christmas Joy - Christmas Card Kit

Since a piece was missing I needed to create my own glitter paper piece, so I turned to a scrap of the glitter paper from the Whooo's Your Valentine kit (the Black & Grey Glitter Paper (Z1829) glitter paper was introduced in that kit), the Cricut® Explore, Cricut® Design Space and the CTMH Cricut® Artbooking cartridge (Z1906). I used the following images #M43EF2, #M4291F, #M3D45C and #M46F6E; I had to ungroup, hide contour and delete some layers to make the images similar to the cuts on the glitter piece in the kit.

The card made with that scrap of glitter paper is on the left and the card made with the glitter paper from the Holiday Card Kit is on the right. I like having yet another variation on the cards.

A note about cutting the glitter paper using the Explore. It cut like a dream! I used a Cricut® Light Grip mat (blue). This mat had been used a few times and the paper stuck to it very well. I will use the blue mat for future glitter paper projects because I think the "regular" green mat might be too sticky. Some of the tack from the blue mat transferred to the glitter paper even though I removed the paper from the mat immediately after cutting. I set the dial on my Explore to "Custom". After I clicked "Go" in Design Space under "Set" a "Select a material" drop down appeared and I selected "Paper, Glitter Lightweight" from the list. A single cut was perfect for the CTMH glitter paper.

I hope you enjoyed your visit today and like my variation of this card. If I ever find the glitter paper piece in usable condition I am not sure what I will do with it, but I think I will come up with something.

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