Thursday, February 7, 2019

Seasonal Expressions 1 - How-to Programs

It has been too long since I posed about the items available in the Seasonal Expressions 1 Idea Book. Today let's talk about the five How-To Programs. There are five books to help you with color theory and sketches or patterns for scrapbooking and cardmaking.

Seasonal Expressions 1 – page 12 – How-To Programs
The How-To programs are featured on pages 12 through 15 of Seasonal Expressions 1. I know in my haste to see the new papers and stamps that I almost always whip by this section of the Idea Book however I also know when I purchase the How-To Books I find much creative inspiration. The currently available How-To Programs are:

Love of Color (9045)
this space intentionally left blank
Make It from Your Heart™ Volume 1 (9035)
Make It from Your Heart™ Volume 2 (9042)
Make It from Your Heart™ Volume 3 (9043)
Make It from Your Heart™ Volume 4 (9044)

Three of the How-To Books, Love of Color and Make It from Your Heart™ Volumes 3 and 4, come loose and three-hole punched to fit inside the Everyday Life™ albums, but do not let that deter you; the pages are a nice heavy weight. Make It from Your Heart™ Volumes 1 and 2 are bound.

The following How-To Books have been discontinued, but are available under the Clearance header of my Consultant Website as I write this:

Originals Card Confidence Program™ (soft cover) (9036)
Reflections™ (soft cover) (9037)

I have the Originals and Reflections books from when they were first offered (with a hard cover and spiral binding). I am not sure how these are bound, but I know they are self-contained and do not need an album.

If you have not tried one of the How-To Programs from Close To My Heart, I encourage you to. I enjoy looking though them and always close the book with more ideas than time to complete them.

I hope you enjoyed this latest "tour of Seasonal Expressions 1" post. The Shop Now button will take you to my Consultant website where you can see the other products that were introduced, read full products descriptions and place orders.

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