Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Pie Charts are Trending

In a recent Two Peas in a Bucket Newsletter, we are told that pie charts are trending right now. Interesting. I have not used a pie chart since college when we had to write reports for business classes.

I took a closer look at the Two Peas post and I have to say I love so many of the projects shared in their Gallery. Two Peas also has a  Pinterest board: Trends: Pie Charts.

This inspired me to quickly flip through the Spring/Summer 2013 Close to My Heart Idea Book to find some products that will help me make pie charts and I found a few items:

And I have to admit that some these items might be a bit of a stretch to some people especially when you are talking "traditional" pie charts, but art allows us some latitude:
  • My Acrylix® Patterned Pennants (D1534) - these could make fun and funky pie charts; you could use the edge of a plate or drinking glass or maybe the Corner Rounder (Z578) to make the outside edges rounded if that is the look you want
  • My Acrylix® Girls Rock (C1538) - the larger filled-in flower on the right side of page 41; stamp it in several colors and then cut the pie pieces as large as you need
  • My Acrylix® Sail Away (C1530) - the inner part of the ship's wheel for a smaller pie chart
  • My Acrylix® Pirouette (B1409) - again, you could just use the inner part of the stamp if you do not want a decorative edge on your pie chart
I think there are other stamps that you could use to make a pie chart, but those ideas might be too far out there and I have not had a chance to actually try them yet. I hope I have inspired you to look at some of the CTMH products in a different way. I know I love to find different ways to use my tools so I can get more use from my investment.

If you create your own pie charts on card, scrapbooks or other crafty projects I would love it if you shared the link here.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.

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  1. Very clever, Miss Brenda. I love the way you give us ideas on how to use and create our own pie-charts. I admit not giving them much thought till now, also. Thanks for the ideas and Happy Scrapping!!


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