Monday, July 28, 2014

Family Reunion Raffle Item

If you visited on Thursday, you saw the canvas I created when I did a test cut of this project from cardstock. This is the same tree, I just moved the split a little and changed the fonts.

I was inspired to create this by all of the split monogram projects that have been and continue to be shared (mostly) on Facebook. I am always looking for good projects to donate to our family reunion auction or to raffle to raise funds for our future reunions.

Family Reunion Mirror

The tree is #M3CEF8 from the Botanicals cartridge. I am sorry, but I do not remember what font I used, but I do know it is a Cricut font.

I am still a novice at using vinyl (my first was putting numbers on my new mailbox). I am thinking I should have selected a smaller mirror for this project, but it worked out after some scary moments. I did not put the final touches on the mirror until the morning of our family reunion - I decided it would be easier to line up and apply the vinyl in natural light (that is why you can see the pavilion our reunion was held at in the mirror).

The purchaser of the winning raffle ticket had one very happy daughter. Her mom knew her daughter wanted to win the mirror and promised her daughter she could have it if mom won. Oftentimes it really is more rewarding to be the gift giver than the recipient. Her sister was the winning bidder on the similar canvas.

Thanks for visiting today. I hope you like this mirror almost as much as my family did.


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