Friday, July 25, 2014

My First Split Monogram

If you visited on Thursday you saw the canvas I created when I test cut a split tree using cardstock. Today I am sharing my first attempt at a split monogram using cardstock on canvas. I actually cut this and started the canvas back in late March, but I was not thrilled with the results (I am not sure I am pleased with this yet) so I set it aside.

Split monogram projects were hot (and still are) on Facebook groups devoted to the Explore and Design Space only a week or two after those of us that purchased the Explore during the World Launch received our machines. The two fonts that I have seen the most discussion about for this technique are Monogram KK by koeiekat and Regal by Aldus.

Seeing all of the wonderful split monogram creations made me think a split monogram home d├ęcor item would be a perfect auction or raffle item for our family reunion. Then I started thinking that a split "family" tree would look nice on a mirror and I will share that project in a day or two.

Family Reunion Canvas - Split S

OK, this is not really split, at least how you would expect it to appear. My mother and I had a debate about leaving the flourishes off that would normally be removed. She won and I left them on.

This project has a lot of firsts for me: split monogram, canvas, Mod Podge. I still have a few canvases from my "bulk" purchase so I can continue to work on "perfecting" my technique. I used the Regal font and some generic rectangles on this project. The paper used to cut the monogram is the soon-to-be retired CTMH Balloon Ride B&T Duos™. The paper for the date and last name was from my stash of cardstock. Unfortunately I did not note which font I used for the date and name, but I am quite certain they are Cricut fonts.

I'm a novice at using Mod Podge and my paper rippled. I have since read about sealing paper with a spray and will try that in the future. The ripples make this project unique (that is my story and I am sticking with it).

My family reunion is tomorrow and this is one of the items I am donating to the silent auction.

Please visit again in a day or two when I share the mirror I created with a split tree and vinyl. I have to add the name and date to the mirror and it will be done tonight. The mirror will be a raffle item so everyone that purchases a raffle ticket has a chance to take it home with them.

Thanks for making my blog one of those you visited today.


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