Sunday, May 29, 2016

How To Sign Up For the Monthly CTMH Newsletter

The Close To My Heart Corporate Office sends out a monthly newsletter early in the month. If you are not signed up for the newsletter and would like to receive it, the steps to sign up are posted below.

Why am I telling you how to sign up for the CMTH newsletter when I also send a monthly message? Because during the month of June CTMH will send a message each Friday to let you know when the Flash Sales start.

Flash Sales over the weekend is what is happening at CTMH during June. Additional details will be posted on June 1, but there are a few bits posted on my Monthly Specials page.

To sign up for the CTMH newsletter, first go to my Online Business Address and login; if you are a new customer look for the "Start here" link to the right of the CTMH logo in the upper left. When you are logged on, choose "My Account" on the right.

When you click on "My Account", your screen will look like this:

If you are not subscribed, choose "Change my account information", which will make your screen change to this:

To subscribe just click the box to the left of "I want to subscribe to the Close To My Heart newsletter" and then click the "Save My Account" button. When your changes are saved your screen will look like this.

Finally, you will want to check your email for a message from "Close To My Heart, Inc." with the subject "Close To My Heart Newsletter: Please Confirm Subscription". My message arrived quickly so if you do not find it within a few minutes be sure to check your Spam folder. Click the link to confirm your subscription and you are all set to receive the reminders about the Flash Sales.

I am signed up for the newsletter and I promise that you do not receive a lot of mail from Close To My Heart; they typically send a message just once per month.

If you have any questions, please use to Contact Form to the right and I will respond as soon as I am able. Thank you for visiting today.


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