Saturday, February 4, 2017

My Legacy™ 12" x 12" Albums

Close To My Heart offers two 12" x 12" album options: Post-bound and D-ring. The albums come in nine colors.

Post-bound D-ring
Black (Z5300)
Black (Z5200)
Grey (Z5301)
Grey (Z5201)
Brown (Z5302)
Brown (Z5202)
Navy (Z5303)
Navy (Z5203)
Teal (Z5304)
Teal (Z5204)
Red (Z5305)
Red (Z5205)
White (Z5306)
White (Z5206)
Sea Glass (Z5307)
Sea Glass (Z5207)
Pink (Z5308)
Pink (Z5208)

The Black, Grey, Brown, Navy, Teal and Red versions were introduced in Annual Inspirations 2016-2017 and are shown on pages 10 and 11 (you will find the Memory Protectors™ on pages 12 and 13). I expect these colors will be available until at least July 31, 2017–the end of this Annual Inspirations (I will post the retiring list as soon as Corporate publishes it; check my blog in June).

The White, Sea Glass and Pink versions were introduced in Seasonal Expressions 1 (2017) and are shown on pages 48 and 49. I believe these colors will only be available until April 30, 2017–the end of SE 1 (again, I will post the retiring list as soon as Corporate publishes it; please check my blog in March.

A note about the My Legacy™ post-bound albums...CTMH recently began including plastic post supports with the post-bound albums to reinforce the binding. Those of you who previously ordered one or more of the My Legacy™ post-bound albums should have received post supports in the mail.

You add the post supports by simply removing the post from your album and sliding the post support over the long part of the post until it rests against the smaller end. Add the post back to the album with the washer between the end of the post and the binding so that it sits flush against the white interior of the album. Add the post supports to all three posts to strengthen the durability of your album’s binding.

Post-bound albums ordered recently should have the post supports installed already, but if you receive the post supports separately, just follow the instructions above to install them.

As always, if you have any product questions, please do not hesitate to email me. Thank you for visiting today.


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