Thursday, January 17, 2019

Seasonal Expressions 1 - International Stamp Sets

It is my hope that you are enjoying my posts highlighting products from Seasonal Expressions 1. I know when I first get a catalog that it takes me a few passes to see how items from different pages can be used together to create something beautiful.

Only a few of the International Stamp Sets actually appear in Seasonal Expressions 1 – those in French and Spanish that were introduced in Seasonal Expressions 1:

Seasonal Expressions 1 - USA version - page 109
There were two French and two Spanish stamp sets introduced in SE1. Here they are again with a link to their product page on my Consultant Website:

Merci Beaucoup [French] (B1660)
Joyeux Anniversaire [French] (B1658)
Muchas Gracias [Spanish] (B1659)
Piñata de Cumpleaños [Spanish] (B1661)

There are a few more French and Spanish stamp sets under the International category of stamps on my Consultant Website that do not appear in Seasonal Expressions 1:

introduced in Holiday Expressions 2018
Temporada Navideña [Spanish] (B1619)
Feliz Navidad [Spanish] (B1620)
Saison de Noel [French] (B1622)
Joyeux Noel [French] (B1623)
introduced in Seasonal Expressions 2 2018
Cinco de Mayo [Spanish] (C1717)
Mi Familia [Spanish] (B1602)
Petits Bonheurs [French] (B1598)
this space intentionally blank
introduced in Annual Inspirations 2017-2018
Avec Amour [French] (C1700)
Invitation [French] (C1701)
Quinceañera [Spanish] (B1580)
Vamos a Celebrar [Spanish] (B1579)
Te Quiero [Spanish] (M1190)
Felicidades [Spanish] (C1694)

There are several stamp sets on the International Stamp Sets page that are Australia and New Zealand-themed. Three appear in the Seasonal Expressions 1 released in Australia and New Zealand:

Seasonal Expressions 1 - Australian version - page 109
(the stamps sets are the same in the New Zealand version)
Here are the Australia and New Zealand stamp sets again with a link to their product page on my Consultant Website:

Fairy Bread (C1775)
Loving New Zealand (B1662)
Happy Australia Day (B1663)
this space intentionally blank

There are a few more Australia and New Zealand stamp sets that do not appear in Seasonal Expressions 1 under the International category on my Consultant Website:

Mini Waitangi Day (M1203)
Kia Ora (C1698)
Happy Christmas (B1621)
this space intentionally blank

Finally, there are many ways children refer to their maternal parent: mom, ma, mama, mam, mum, mother, I am sure there are more that I am not thinking of. While it would be nearly impossible for any stamp company to produce stamp sets for each word used for our maternal parent, CTMH has created this stamp set for those who use mum:

Game Day (D1829E)
I hope you enjoyed seeing the variety of international-flavored stamp sets that CTMH offers. The Shop Now button will take you to my Consultant website where you can see the other products that were introduced, read full products descriptions and place orders.

If you have any product questions, do not hesitate to email me. You will also find me on Facebook at Brenda's Paper Crafts. Thanks for visiting today.


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