Tuesday, January 29, 2019

CTMH Back In Stock and Specials Ending January 31

There are a few products that were out of stock and are available again.

The Top Load Memory Protectors™ are available to order from my Consultant Website.

Memory Protectors™ Top Load (4110)
Memory Protectors™ Top Load Value Pack (Z1984)

The full range of Memory Protectors™ can be found on pages 140 through 143 of Seasonal Expressions 1; the Top Load Memory Protectors™ are on page 141.

Back, but not pictured in Seasonal Expressions 1, are the CTMH Adhesive Runners.

Adhesive Runner (Z3372)

UPDATE: February 8, 2019 – The replacement order of the Butterfly Friendship Thin Cuts arrived and both the Butterfly Friendship Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4263) and So Much Happy Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop Kit with stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4503) are available to order again.

Butterfly Friendship Stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4263)
the stamp set is available individually (C1773)
So Much Happy Deluxe Scrapbooking Workshop Kit
with stamp + Thin Cuts (Z4503)

Because these Thin Cuts are coming from a different vendor, the product is not the same as our other Thin Cuts: the dies come attached to one another by small metal wires that you can break or snip apart and they do not include the magnetic sheet.

While the Corporate Office was testing the dies when they arrived, they discovered that, due to differences in the manufacturing process, the image is mirrored from the way our usual dies cut. Because the shapes are not perfectly symmetrical, this means that when you want to stamp the butterfly onto your cut shape, you will need to turn the cut shape over and stamp on the back in order for the stamp image to line up properly. Keep this orientation in mind, especially when working with our double-sided cardstock or patterned papers.

Remember, there is a limited number available, so be sure to place your orders early to avoid this product becoming unavailable again – I believe there will not be another re-order.

There are three specials that are ending on January 31: Frame It Up, Craft with Heart™ Subscription Special and Celebrate 35 Years! There is much more detail about each special at those previous links which take you to the specials on my Consultant Website. I also provide more detail and a flyer for each special on my Monthly Specials page.

Stay warm these last few days of January. Thanks for visiting!


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