Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Tips and Tricks - Blogger (why reinvent the wheel?)

Tips and Tricks - Blogger Help

While creating a couple of my last posts I searched for help for techniques that I was not familiar with. It got me to thinking why reinvent the wheel, that is, why write posts, when someone else has (so far the posts I wrote were things I figured out on my own; as I blog more often I find I need to look for help when trying new techniques)?

I used How to Add a Table to Blogger Blogspot Post to help me create a table in a recent post. I went to their blog home, Blog Know How: Tips, Tricks and Secrets for Bloggers and found they have many tips for using Blogger.

I also used Blogspot 101 – Background Color to help me change the background color of the table so it would not look out of place on my page. Their blog home was RS Designs (which is still available). When you get there look under Categories for Blogger Tutorials. In February 2009 RS Designs became Berries and Cream Blog Design, but thankfully their old posts are still available as I could not find the Blogger Tutorials at their new site. Most of the posts are a few years old, but the one I used was still relevant.

I hope you find these links useful when working on your own blog posts.


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