Sunday, April 9, 2017

Seasonal Expressions 1 2017 Retiring Products

This past Thursday we received an update about products in the Seasonal Expressions 1 idea book that will be retiring on April 30, 2017.

We have been told that these products in Seasonal Expressions 1 will not be retiring:
While you will not find the above items pictured in Seasonal Expressions 2, you will continue to find available to order at my Consultant website.

If there are any items on your SE1 wish list, be sure to place your orders before 11:59pm MDT (that's 1:59am EDT) on April 30 which is three weeks from today. Some products have been so popular that stock has been depleted.

Some of the items that are no longer available are:
  • WYW Sugar Rush Scrapbooking Kit (G1118)
  • WYW Mother's Day Cardmaking Kit (G1122)
  • WYW Happy Congratulations Cardmaking Kit (G1125)
  • Dreamin’ Big Card Thin Cuts Bundle (Z3303)
  • Thin Cuts XOXO (Z3305)
  • Thin Cuts Happy Birthday (Z3304) - temporarily unavailable - expected end of April
  • Sugar Rush Paper Packet (X7215B)
  • Sugar Rush Dots (Z3310)
  • Dreamin’ Big Sequins (Z3315)
Some other items that are no longer available; they were not shown in Seasonal Expressions 1:
  • Thin Cut Swirly Seashells (CC1155) - introduced at Australasia Convention
  • Thin Cut Sweet Birthday (CC1156) - introduced at Australasia Convention
  • Thin Cut Wreath (CC1157) - introduced at Australasia Convention
  • Swirly Shells Stamp + Thin Cuts (CC1219) - part of March '17 Cut It Out! campaign
  • Memory Protectors Mini 2" × 2" (Z3117) - Annual Inspirations '16-'17 page 13
  • Thin Cuts Hello & Thanks (Z3259) - Annual Inspirations '16-'17 page 79
  • Thin Cuts Hearts (Z3260) - Annual Inspirations '16-'17 page 79
  • #Life Overlays—Gold (Z3279) - Annual Inspirations '16-'17 page 81
As I learn of other items that are no longer available, I will add them to the lists.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind you when Seasonal Expressions 1 expires and the products are no longer available to order, the guides for the Workshops Your Way™ will be removed from my OBA:
The links to the guides for the kits that have sold out still work, so be sure to download them to your computer before May 1.

If you would like to browse the Seasonal Expressions 1 2017 idea book, clicking here will take you to our online copy. Alternatively, clicking here will open a PDF copy in a new browser tab (feel free to save it to your computer). The Shop Now button below will take you to my Consultant website.

Feel free to reach me via the Contact Form on the right if you have any product questions. I hope you found something you like on your visit today.


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