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Boo Crew Blog Hop

Welcome to the Boo Crew Blog Hop. Today's Boo Crew hop is brought to you by the same group of Close To My Heart Makers who bring you the Stamp Of The Month Blog Hop on the first of each month. Today we are featuring creations using the Boo Crew Collection.

Boo Crew Blog Hop
Boo Crew Blog Hop

Unfortunately at this busy back-to-school time of year we only have six CTMH Makers sharing their creations on this hop, but I know you will find something inspiring on our Boo Crew Blog Hop. If you just happened upon my post, clicking the link to the next blog (often found near the bottom of the page) will take you through the entire Boo Crew Blog Hop.

You should have arrived here from ***ScrappinKaty***. If you get lost along the way, Melinda Everitt keeps a list of all blog hop participants at If You Bling It.

For today's hop I started by creating a swing card (click on any photo for larger image). I created a card using cardstock in the Boo Crew colors to be certain I would have something to share in the event my order experienced shipping delays.

card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop
card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop

I became aware of and learned to create swing cards by watching Interactive Cards That Swing & Spin with Robin Feicht during The 2021 Paper Crafts Summit hosted by Rebecca Page.

Here is a quick video showing the card in action:

I designed my swing card in Cricut® Design Space.

Screen Shot of Cricut Design Space Project
Screen Shot of Cricut® Design Space Project

updated Sunday, August 30 - some photos from assembly can be found here; the photos are meant to complement the written information below

The above screen shot shows all of the pieces used to create my card. The Wild Berry and Black circles (indicated by the shaded rectangles) are the pieces that create the swing mechanism or help it move. I used the Offset tool to create a shadow layer for the spider then I duplicated it. I added a Black circle the same size as the Bat Circle to make the bat cut outs Black. I sized the Corner Web Overlay to fit the upper right corner then I flipped it to use the true Ballerina color while the Spider Web Overlay (with a tall skinny rectangle welded to it) was cut from the light side of Ballerina (when I placed the cardstock on my Cricut® cutting mat, I placed the light side facing up). The Bat and Boo were sized to be a good fit to embellish the card.

On my first card pictured above I used the Cricut® Engraving Tip to "etch" the cardstock. After clicking "Make It" I had to indicate I was using a heavier cardstock than I really was which caused the machine to cut twice. If I were to try the Engraving Tip again, I would hide my other Wild Berry pieces and only Engrave/Cut the card front. When using the Engraving Tip some of the lines were not "etched" as much as I would like, so I used the tip of a craft knife to roughen the cardstock. I became concerned that the spider would not swing smoothly, so I used the Sanding Kit to smooth the card front. At this point I added 3-D Foam Tape to the back of the card front leaving room around the opening.

You may be wondering what that hole in the card front is for. That is where the swing mechanism will be. "Eyeball" where you want the Corner Web Overlay to be; you may need to snip a bit of the web so the swing mechanism can freely move (this will be hidden by the swing mechanism/Spider Web Overlay), then glue the Corner Web Overlay in place. Stack the smaller Wild Berry circles, glue them together with Dual-tip Multi-bond Glue Pen. Once you have your stack, glue the stack to the center of one of the larger Wild Berry circles. Place, without any adhesive, this piece behind the opening. Check that there is sufficient height to your stack so the swing will be able to move smoothly (there should be as I used the same number of circles to create my stack). If there is enough height, add the second large circle to the top of the stack, trying to center it, and being sure that the glue does not seep out and touch the card front–the circle stack needs to be able to move. After the glue is dry, attach the card front to the White Card bast with the 3-D Foam Tape applied earlier.

With the Dual-tip Multi-bond Glue Pen, glue the Spider Web Overlays together. This was done to create a stronger "thread" for the spider to hang from. Glue the "thread" between the shadow pieces. Attach the Spider Web Overlay to the Wild Berry circle, again being certain no glue seeps on the card front preventing the circle from being able to move. Create a stack from the Black Circles and apply to the back shadow piece (this makes the spider have approximately the same height as the web and reduces the paper-to-paper contact or friction) so the piece moves more easily.

When the swing mechanism is done and you have a Long Leg Spider that will swing side-to-side, embellish the card with the other pieces. I added Black Shimmer Brush to the Long Leg Spider and Boo before attaching. I avoided placing the die cuts too low on the card front so they would not interfere too much with the Long Leg Spider's swing.

close-up of Spider & Boo with Black Shimmer Brush
close-up of Spider & "Boo" with Black Shimmer Brush

I hope my written description is easy to follow; I hoped to add some step-by-step photos, but ran out of time (it is 8:53pm as I am writing this).
Once my Boo Crew order arrived, I created two cards using the Boo Crew papers.
card created for the Boo Crew Blog Hop
card created with Boo Crew papers

I created a stencil using the Spider Web Overlay from the CTMH/Cricut® Artbooking collection. Then I used Spiced Marmalade and Seedless Preserves Distress Oxide™ Inks to color the spider paper. I used the a tag and the font from Artistry to say "Happy Halloween" and the Spider Overlay from Artbooking to embellish. After cutting the spider from Wild Berry cardstock, I covered it with Clear Shimmer Brush before attaching to the card.

card created for the Boo Crew Blog Hop
card created with Boo Crew papers

For this card I created a stencil using the Corner Web Overlay and I inked with Seedless Preserves. I cut a strip of the word paper and the Long Leg Spider from Black cardstock to embellish. Before added the spider to the card, I covered it with Black Shimmer Brush. The tag and font are from Artistry.

Here are some additional cards I created for the hop. I wanted to try some different ways to create a backgound on the Cricut® and some different swinging icons.
card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop
card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop

The background was created with the Spider Web Overlay and a Cricut® Black Pen.

card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop
card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop

I created one background with the Cricut® Scoring Wheel (2 passes) and one using the Cricut® Fine Debossing Tip. I think the card above is the card with the Cricut® Fine Debossing Tip, but honestly I lost track of them.

card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop
card created for Boo Crew Blog Hop

I think this is the background that was created using the Cricut® Scoring Wheel.

I hope you like the creations I shared today. Before you go to see what fabulous item ***My Heartfelt Sentiments*** is sharing with us today, the supplies I used to create my project are listed below.

All supplies are from Close To My Heart except where noted:

  • Patterned Paper: Boo Crew (CC8212) or Boo Crew + Sticker Sheet (CC8211)
  • Cardstock: Boo Crew Coordinating CS (CC8213) or Ballerina (X6036), Black (X6047), Nectarine (X6043), White Daisy (1385), available September 1: Wild Berry (X6046), retiring August 31: Pebble (X5955)
  • White Cards & Envelopes Value Pack (X254)
  • Black Shimmer Brush (Z4224), Clear Shimmer Brush (Z3293)
  • Distress Oxide™ Ink Pad: Spiced Marmalade (Z3829), Seedless Preserves (Z3835)
  • Mini Ink Blending Tool (Z3886), Mini Ink Blending Foam (Z3887)
  • Dual-tip Multi-bond Glue Pen (Z3441), Dual-tip Permanent Glue Pen (Z3440), 3-D Foam Tape (Z1151)
  • Sanding Kit (Z1294) - retired
  • Cricut® Maker™ (HB1076)
  • Cricut® Collections - if you do not have a Consultant, please shop for the digital collections via my Cricut® Affiliate Link, otherwise ask your Consultant for their affiliate link
    • Cricut® Artiste shapes:
      • Clock Tag (#M3984D)
    • Cricut® Artistry shapes:
      • Font
      • Dream Big (#M4171A5)
    • Cricut® Artbooking shapes:
      • Spooky Layout (#MB013A)
      • Long Leg Spider (#M408C2) - used the Offset feature to create a Shadow layer
      • Corner Web Overlay (#M3DD29)
      • Bat Circle (#M46C7D) - added a black circle behind so the bat would be black
      • Bat (#M46F6B)
      • Boo (#M47070)
      • Spider Web Overlay (#M3CDA5) - welded a tall skinny square to create the thread the spider is descending on
      • Crow (#M432C8) - used the Offset feature to create a Shadow layer
      • Trick or Treat Title (#M3E0BC) - used the Offset feature to create a Shadow layer
      • Beware (#M3F135) - used the Offset feature to create a Shadow layer
      • Mouse Overlay (#M3DD60) - used the Offset feature to create a Shadow layer
      • Tree Branch (#M42773)
      • Spider Overlay (#M3FA6C) - used the Offset feature to create a Shadow layer
      • Spooky (#M3FE2A) - used the Offset feature to create a Shadow layer
  • Supplies not from Close To My Heart: Cricut® Design Space, Cricut® Engraving Tip, Cricut® Fine Debossing Tip, Cricut® Scoring Wheel, Cricut® Black Pen
If you are not working with a CTMH Maker, you may purchase the supplies I used at my eCommerce website.

I enjoy reading your comments, so if you have a few moments, please let me know what you think of my Boo Crew creations. I hope you are enjoying all of the projects created for the Boo Crew Blog Hop. Thank you for hopping with us!

So you do not have to scroll back up, the next stop on the hop is ***My Heartfelt Sentiments***.


  1. Oh wow, Brenda! I love what you did on these cards! VERY creative and nice!

  2. These are so fun and I love how you have showcased what you can do with one background!

  3. WOW! I love the etched effect and the interaction with the swinging spider. Awesome job!

  4. I am not a fan of spiders but I like your cards! :-)


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