Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Tutti Frutti Cards

If you visited yesterday you saw how I changed the center of the wreath on Project 1 cards in the Tutti Frutti Cardmaking Workshop from the lighter side of Lemonade to an even lighter yellow by using Watercolor Paints. The Project 2 cards use the wreath from that Thin Cut.

Tutti Frutti Cardmaking Workshop - Project 2
Tutti Frutti Cardmaking Workshop - Project 2

The wreath is from the same 8½" × 8½" square of White Daisy colored with the lightest yellow in the Watercolor Paints to create my own, very light Lemonade-inspired cardstock.

The two overlapping cards on the left were made mostly following the workshop instructions. Because the wreath is a paler yellow, I colored in more of the elements that make up the wreath. The card toward the middle back uses the true (darker) side of the Flamingo cardstock. I cut the papers for the card on the right to become a card with the fold on the left rather than the fold on the top of the card.

Before I forget, I also cut my stamp to make it easier to stamp the two words on one line. If the prospect of cutting your stamp makes you nervous, I have a few suggestions for you.

  • before cutting, stamp the image on a piece of scrap paper and keep it in the envelope, if you ever want to stamp an image as the stamp came from CTMH, you have that image to help you line up the parts, you may also want to draw a line on the back of the stamp with a permanent marker to help line up the two pieces
  • use sharp scissors and, if you have enough dexterity, try to hold the stamp so you can gently pull the words apart a little to make it easier to get your scissors between the words
  • work slowly so your snip can be deliberate
  • stamp some test images to verify you have the bottom of the words aligned, when you are happy with the alignment, stamp on a scrap piece of paper and keep it in the stamp envelope to help you align the two pieces in the middle

If you also prefer a more subtle share of Lemonade on your card, I hope you like the ideas I shared yesterday and today. Thank you for making the time to visit today.


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