Sunday, August 21, 2022

VIP Referral Program

Attention all VIP Customers... Close To My Heart is giving you the opportunity to earn bonus VIP Credit when you share your referral code with your family friends and they use your referral code when they sign up to become a VIP. CTMH even provides this image that you can use when sharing your referral code.

CTMH VIP Referral image
CTMH VIP Referral

You will find all of the details, including a FAQ, on my eCommerce website here. The image can be found at the bottom of the page. Close To My Heart send you your referral code via email last week. If you no longer have the message, but have now choose to share your code, you will find your referral code under "Account" > "VIP Membership" (look under your name in the upper right corner).

When you share your VIP Referral Code I would really appreciate if you recommend me to your friends.

If you just happened upon today's post, you can use my Referral Code, M866Q8, to sign up to be a CTMH VIP.

CTMH VIP Referral - Brenda's Code
CTMH VIP Referral - Brenda's Code

If the FAQ does not answer all of your questions, please reach out to me via the Contact Form to the right and I will do my best to quickly find an answer for you.

No matter whose code you use when signing up to be a CTMH VIP, to receive the extra $10 in credit, you must sign up by September 30, 2022.

If you are in New York State and did not vote during early voting, do not forget that there are Primary elections on Tuesday, August 23. Check your County Board of Elections for more information about voting in your area.

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