Monday, January 23, 2017

Wedding Favors

If you have been keeping up with my blog this month, you know that my niece got married on December 31. I created a card for my mother to give to the new Mr. & Mrs. and a mirror with candles that they could use together as a centerpiece or separately to decorate their home. On January 7, I posted the card I created to give to the bride and groom.

Today's post is all about the wedding favors my mother and I created for the couple.

I cannot take credit for this idea. I created a coaster at Anna Griffin's Create II in Atlanta November 10 through 13. We created a wreath and a coaster in the session with Beth Kingston.

In case you want to create something similar or think the coasters I created look lopsided, here's a bit of what my niece, mom and I were thinking.

When I centered all of the elements, the vine wreath, "Mr. & Mrs" image, the last name and the year, as you can see the words touch or almost touch the inside left side of the wreath (above left). We moved some of the elements to the right to create about the same amount of "breathing room" on each side of the words.

Then I duplicated the design 23 times (without the score lines so I had fewer to hide) and used the attach feature in Cricut® Design Space to be the most economical with cutting the vinyl. I set the dial on my Cricut® to Vinyl and checked Mirror Image in Design Space because I put the vinyl on the back of the coasters. Cutting 24 took just over an hour. I used a new Cricut® German Carbide Premium Blade for each color of vinyl. I probably could have used one blade for all of my cuts, but I did not want to risk ruining any of the vinyl.

I forgot to take photos while applying the vinyl to the coasters, so I removed the vinyl from the coaster I made at Create II (this is give me a chance to use a brighter color vinyl on my next coaster) to give you an idea how I did this next step. Fortunately I had an extra cut laying around; unfortunately you will have to visualize my description a bit because I did not transfer the vinyl to transfer tape and the photo has the design and coaster upside down from how I applied the vinyl.

You may recall that I added score lines to my design to create a reference point; the red arrows show where they would be if I scored the vinyl. I used my Versamat™ (Z1279) from Close To My Heart when applying the vinyl because the gridlines were helpful. I centered the coaster within a 4 inch square with the bottom side (with feet) up. I transferred the vinyl to the NEW Cricut® Transfer Tape,  lined up the reference points with the 2 inch vertical and horizontal lines and applied the vinyl to the back of the coaster. Sometimes I had to rotate the coaster so the design would go around the feet. I hope this makes sense and if you have questions, leave a comment below and I will try to clarify.

Supplies I used:
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I know the bride and groom like the coasters because in their thank you note they wrote "the coasters were a hit". I hope you like them too. Thanks for taking some time from your day to visit.


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