Saturday, January 21, 2017

Host a Gathering - Earn Hostess Rewards

Have you hosted a party for direct sales company? If you have you know that most companies, if not all, offer rewards based on the sales at your party. The sales can usually be a combination of purchases made online, at your in-home Gathering or via a book party. Close To My Heart offers Hostess Rewards based on this chart:

I cannot speak to how other direct sales companies associate a customer purchase placed online with a Gathering, but at Close To My Heart there is a button on the home page of the consultant's Online Business Address (OBA) to Join a Gathering. Here's an example I posted in the past:

At checkout, there is a second chance to verify your order will be associated with a Gathering. At the top of your Shopping Cart look for the Gathering name and if the green button says "Leave", you are all set; if the green button says "Join", please click the it.

Even if you are not ordering based on an invitation from a Hostess, I encourage you to join a Gathering listed on my OBA. In the past I have had a few Hostesses lucky enough to get help earning rewards based on a purchase by someone they do not know. Who knows, the next time it could be your Gathering that gets a boost.

This flyer shows some of the items you can create and has suggestions for products to select to use rewards earned. There are suggestions for three different rewards levels.

If creating any of these items interest you, I will help you learn how to create the layouts and/or cards or similar papercrafting projects.

Close To My Heart has added three items that hostesses can choose from when they qualify for a 50% off item; they are not shown in the Idea Books, but are shown in this flyer.

If sales for a Gathering reach Level 3, with sales of at least $350, hostesses qualify to order the hostess-exclusive Workspace Wonder™ bundle as their 50%-off item. This flyer provides the details showing the bundle includes 2 paper trays, 1 large tray, 1 small tray, 1 marker stack, 4 stamp pad stacks and 1 tool cubby. This is a retail value of $117.50 for only $58.75.

The Workspace Wonder™ configuration in the image above is just one way you can put the the pieces together. If you visit my Workspace Wonder™ Items Are Available post, there I share a video showing several different ways to put the pieces together, though some ideas may require additional pieces.

The Shop Now button will take you to my Online Business Address where you can read more about the Workspace Wonder™ line.

If you have any product or promotion questions, do not hesitate to email me. You will also find me on Facebook at Brenda's Paper Crafts. Thank you for visiting today.


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