Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Coloring Tools Back In Stock

I am excited to announce that the TriBlend™ Marker Bundle (Z9999) and the Watercolor Pencils (Z3630) are back in stock.

The TriBlend™ Marker Bundle includes 24 colors, one True Black Marker and one Blender Marker.

TriBlend™ Marker Bundle (Z9999)

TriBlend™ Marker Bundle (Z9999)

The packaging for the marker bundle has also been updated. The TriBlend™ Marker Bundle now comes in a box to help protect your markers while they are shipped to you.

The Watercolor Pencils now come with 24 pencils and a paintbrush included.

Watercolor Pencils (Z3630)

The pencils are from a different manufacturer than those previously offered. Because of the brand change, the colors included in the new Watercolor Pencil sets will differ slightly from the ones previously sold, but can be blended to create a variety of colors. You can use the pencils dry or blend them with water.

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