Monday, December 2, 2013

Curtains Sew Easy

Clearly the Best: Curtains Sew Easy (S02E08) shows us how easy it is to create bistro style curtains using any of the Close To My Heart textiles and some simple items you can find a the craft store. Does this video inspire you to create  curtains for a window in your home? My niece was just saying she needs some curtains for her new apartment so I will be sending her a link to this video.

The CTMH Corp. description of the video Clearly the Best: Curtains Sew Easy (S02E08) is "Let Close To My Heart show you how to hand craft your own set of bistro curtains with our terrific textiles, NO sewing involved! Curtains so simple you'll come unstitched!"

Some of the tips mentioned in the video:
  • use Hook Clips (Z1899) and heavy gauge twine to hang the curtains
  • use Heat and Bond on a roll with an iron set to a low temperature without steam to create the hem and sides where you want the edge to look "finished"
  • in the video they used something I believe they called carpet thread to gather the ruffle, but I have successfully used two strands of regular thread to gather; you pull the thread, but to do not pull it very hard like you would be if you were creating yo-yos
I hope today's video inspired you to try create a home d├ęcor item. If you are ready to place an order the Show Now button will take you to my Online Business Address.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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