Wednesday, May 21, 2014

32 Weeks Until Christmas - Follow Up

My new goal is to create at least one new Christmas card each week. Last Friday I showed you one I created using my Cricut® Explore. I also showed you a card I started from the scraps. I finished that card and this is the result.

Christmas Card Week 32 option b complete

This card was made from the Christmas Nordic Pattern Card from the ready-to-make cards in Cricut® Design Space scraps. The sentiment is from the Christmas cartridge. I also used some silver glitter glue to add a little pop.

The cards are about 8" x 4" and I needed envelopes for them. I searched Cricut® Design Space for an envelope and selected one that was a rectangular shape. It is from the Just Because Cards. I turned off the lock, that is, stopped the image from being proportional for how the designer created it, to make the envelope exactly the size I needed it.

Cards with Envelopes

I was able to get my envelope sized correctly by placing a rectangle on my canvas that is the same size as my card and laying it on top of the envelope. To accommodate the layers on the cards I made sure I could see some of the envelope front between the rectangle and the score lines. When I cut this envelope, I hid the words (in this project they are just notes to myself), the snowflakes (while you cannot see it, the tree is attached to the envelope ready to be "written") and the rectangle used for sizing.

The "paper" I used to create my envelopes is from a huge roll we got at a warehouse club several years ago. We believe the product was called "butcher's paper", but it does not have a waxy feel like freezer paper you would purchase at the store. It makes great envelopes. I am curious what you use to create your envelopes?

Of course I had to decorate the envelopes. The snowflakes were "written" using the Cricut® Gold Metallic Pen and are found on the Teresa Collins - December 25th cartridge. The tree was "written" using the Cricut® Jade Antiquities Pen and is found on the Stretch Your Imagination cartridge. Did you notice one of the Creative Feature keys on Stretch Your Imagination is for Silhouettes?

Closeup Cards with Envelopes

I hope my cards give you some inspiration to get an early start on your Christmas cards. Thanks for stopping by.


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