Thursday, October 27, 2016

Workspace Wonder™ Items Are Available

We received an email from Corporate that the highly anticipated Workspace Wonder™ organization pieces are now available.

The above photo only shows one configuration option. If you look at pages 88-89 of Annual Inspirations 2016-2017, you will see another option and all six of the pieces. You will also find them on my OBA under the Organization menu. The pieces can be put together in many configurations so you are sure to find one is perfect for your workspace.

In this video Kristina shows us some of the different ways to configure the pieces.

Here are the six pieces that can be used together to customize your crafting area:

Workspace Wonder™ Paper Tray (Z5100)
Workspace Wonder™ Large Tray (Z5101)
Workspace Wonder™ Small Tray (Z5102)
Workspace Wonder™ Marker Stack (Z5103)
Workspace Wonder™ Stamp Pad Stack (Z5104)
Workspace Wonder™ Tool Cubby (Z5105)

Since the pieces are very popular, even before anyone had a chance to see them in person, some of the pieces may run out before additional stock (which is en route) arrives. I hope this will not be the case when you visit my OBA to order, but if it is not available, please know that stock will be replenished as soon as possible.

The shop now button below will take you to my Online Shopping Address.

Thanks for visiting today. As always, if you have any product or promotion questions feel free to email me. You will also find me on Facebook at Brenda's Paper Crafts.


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