Thursday, November 7, 2013

Let's Do The Twist

Ideas for using the Slate Striped Twist Ties (Z1864) abound in today's video Clearly The Best: Do the Twist (S02E05). At only $3.95 for a package of 20 ties, you can try each idea using only one package and still have some leftover.

The CTMH Corp. description of the video is "When you're celebrating someone special, you need d├ęcor to match! Make your own—and make it unique—by curving, bending, wrapping, angling, curling, and coiling Slate striped twist ties from Close To My Heart into party decorations sure to make your guests dance with delight."

Items used in the video:

Some of the tips mentioned in the video are:
  • use twist ties to attach the flags of a banner
  • use them flat to embellish a card like a narrow strip of paper
  • wrap the tie around a pencil to create curly ribbons
  • color the white area of the twist tie with markers - it is better to use lighter colors so the slate still easily shows
  • use a twist tie and a piece of textile (in the video theirs was about 2" x 8") to make your own wire-edged ribbon
  • place the tie between two approximately 8" pieces of Washi tape - sticky sides of Washi together - then bend into the shape you want; in the video it looked like a banner
I hope today's video inspired you to try different techniques with the Slate Striped Twist Ties. If you are ready to place and order, please click the Show Now button below.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. I hope you enjoyed the ideas presented in the video.


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