Wednesday, July 29, 2015

CTMH on Social Media

Did you know that Close To My Heart is on several social media sites? I know some of you do not want to join too many social media sites to follow a business, Independent Consultant or person, but many of these sites do not require an account if you just want to browse for photos and comments ("liking" or commenting would be unavailable).

Here are the links to the official CTMH social media sites with some information about how much you can see without logging on:
  • Pinterest - CTMH - you can see all of their Pinterest Boards without being pestered to logon or create an account, but once you click on a Board to view pins the logon window covers up the middle of the screen
  • Instagram - @ctmhofficial - you can see all of their photos; click on a photo for the information CTMH provided when they uploaded the photo and to view comments from others; if you want to like a photo or comment, you need to be signed into an Instagram account
  • Facebook - CloseToMyHeart - you can see all of their pictures, posts and comments on the posts; you may need to click a link to see more (all) comments; if you want to like a photo or comment, you need to be signed into a Facebook account
  • Twitter - @CTMH - you can see all of their pictures, posts and comments and click links that they shared; click on a #hashtag to see posts on Twitter using that tag (the posts could be from anyone); click on a tagged person or company to see their profile and two latest tweets; if you want to reply, retweet or favorite a tweet, you need to be signed into a Twitter account
  • YouTube - CTMHCorp - you can view the videos, playlists and read comments; if you want to rate or comment on a video you need to be signed in with a Google account
  • Blog - Make It From Your Heart - you can view and comment without a logon, but when you comment you need to provide a name (published) and email address (not published)

I am also on these social media sites, but I am not nearly as active on some sites as CTMH or other Consultants:
  • Pinterest - cnyscrapper - I pin a lot of ideas, but I don't have nearly enough time to create as much as I would like
  • Instagram - @cnyscrapper
  • Facebook - BrendasPaperCrafts
  • Twitter - @cNYscrapper
  • YouTube - centralNYscrapper
  • Blog - Crafting for sanity? Or insanity? - you can view without a logon, you can logon to comment or comment anonymously; comment moderation is turned on for all comments
I hope these links and notes help you to find crafting inspiration for using your Close To My Heart products.

If you are inspired to use CTMH products for your next project and are ready to place an order or would like to research any product, the Shop Now button will take you to my Online Business Address.

If you have any product or promotion questions, do not hesitate to email me.


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