Friday, July 17, 2015

Studio J® Flash Sale

Close To My Heart is having a Flash Sale until July 31, 2015 on Studio J®.

In addition to creating digital scrapbook pages, Studio J® is perfect for printing photos. You can print photos in any size up to 12" x 12" by using the No Limits pattern and Custom Photo Wells. I posted more information and a video here. If you want to print "standard" size photos, use Photo Express Collections to "print" your photos in a variety of sizes.

The Photo Express Collection choices are:
  • 2" x 2" photos; you will have 72 photo wells to use
  • 3" x 3" photos; you will have 32 photo wells to use
  • 3" x 4" photos; you will have (12) 4" x 3" horizontal/landscape photos wells and (12) 3" x 4" vertical/portrait photos wells to use; this is the perfect size for Picture My Life™ scrapbooking
  • 4" x 4" photos; you will have 18 photo wells to use
  • 4" x 6" photos; you will have six (6) 6" x 4" horizontal/landscape photos wells and six (6) 4" x 6" vertical/portrait photos wells to use; this is also the perfect size for Picture My Life™ scrapbooking
  • 6" x 8" photos; you will have two (2) 6" x 8" horizontal/landscape photos wells and two (2) 8" x 6" vertical/portrait photos wells to use and two (2) 6" x 4" vertical/portrait photos photos wells and two (2) 4" x 6" horizontal/landscape wells to use
  • 5" x 7" photos; you will have three (3) 5" x 7" horizontal/landscape photos wells and three (3) 7" x 5" vertical/portrait photos wells to use and two (2) 5" x 5" photos wells, one (1) 3" x 2" photos well, one (1) 2" x 3" photos well and four (4) 2" x 2" photos wells to use
To find the new Photo Express Collection templates, go to Studio J® and sign in (if you do not have a Studio J® account yet you will be prompted to create one). Then choose "Create a new project". You will be prompted to name the project and then will be asked to upload photos. After you have uploaded photos, choose "Continue" in the lower right. You will then need to select a layout type. If you want to create custom photo wells as shown in the above video here, choose "Create Your Own Custom Layout", but if you want to use the Photo Express Collections, choose "Start with an Express Collection". Scroll down until you see "Photo Collections (7 layouts)". Click on it once and choose Continue. Then choose the size photos you would like and Continue.

You do not have to complete all of the layouts or photos sheets in Studio J® in one sitting; the minimum purchase is 5 layouts. You may save your project and come back to it later.

I have several posts about Studio J® that give tips for creating layout or printing photos. To find them click on the Studio J® tag at the bottom of this post.

This Studio J® button will take you to the Studio J® page on my OBA.

If you have any product or promotion questions, do not hesitate to email me. You will also find me on Facebook at Brenda's Paper Crafts.


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