Thursday, August 27, 2015

Spray Pen Storage and Organization

I recently participated in a study at a local University and little did I know I would get a craft storage idea from it.

We were given this box full of vials (the purple topped items).

As I was looking at the spaces I began to wonder if my spray bottles would fit in them. The spaces are perfect to the Close To My Heart Spray Pen (Z1380), the Ranger mister and an unlabeled mister to stand upright. Unfortunately the box is a little too short for the Spray Pens from CTMH (and I have several of them since I am a CTMH Independent Consultant), but I think the height issue could be solved with with dowels, some foam (to hold the dowels secure in the box and a larger piece for inside the box top for the dowels to poke into) and some cardstock to extend the edges of the top.

This is the box top. If you find a box like this, yours will not come with the Gold Polka-Dot Washi Tape (Z1920) - I used the tape to cover up the code I was given for the study. I believe the grid and a permanent marker would be perfect for keeping track of the 49 different mists you could store in this box since many tapes do not adhere to the bottles very well.

Unfortunately I cannot tell you with certainty where you can purchase this box. I searched an online store that is known for their membership and quick shipping. By using the key words "sarstedt box" then narrowing down my search to "Industrial & Scientific" I found similar boxes at at vendor that sells on that site, but not this exact box. Contacting them might reveal that they also carry this box (or an even better box). In addition, it looks like you must purchase these boxes in units of 10. If you have a few crafting friends nearby, this might be a great group purchase as it looks like with shipping the cost could be less than $7 per box including shipping.

I hope this helps you with storage ideas for your Spray Pens. Who knows when something will enter your environment that will give you a new storage idea. Happy creating.


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