Thursday, March 13, 2014

More Creations Using the Cricut Explore

Included in the box with my Explore was a bag to carry the machine to crops and a sample of vinyl and iron-on material.

I have not decorated my Explore yet, but I saw many great ideas on Facebook and many people posted about how easy both vinyl and iron-on materials are to use. With that in mind I created this design to decorate my Cricut Explore Bag and ironed it on the pocket. It just fit and I had to iron over the stitching that holds the pocket in place/hems the raw edge. I was a little hesitant using the design with all of those swirls and closed in spaces, but the iron-on cut like room temperature butter with a warm knife.

iron on Cricut Explore bag

I iron-on "took" to the fabric very well using only my home iron and ironing board (with a padded top). I used a clean white kitchen towel for a pressing cloth. The frame is the Iron Bramble Frame from Ornamental Iron 2. I made the frame all one color using the sync feature in Cricut Design Space. The font is Quarter Note.

Here's a close up of the design.

close up iron on Cricut Explore Bag

Since I could not settle on a design for my Explore,I really wanted to try cutting vinyl and we had a credit at a home improvement store, we decided to replace our mailbox. Replacing it is something we have been talking about doing for months (if not longer) so my crafting project made replacing it now the perfect time.

This is the mailbox as you approach our house "coming from town".

vinyl on new mailbox-side 1

This is side that the USPS approaches from.

vinyl on new mailbox-side 2

Here's what it looks like with the flag up.

vinyl on mailbox-flag up

Yes, it might look a little weird to some that we have a partial "1" on our flag when it is up, but since we rarely put outgoing mail in the box, the flag is not up often. I really needed to put the number on the flag so our full house number could be seen. I have been asked what the arrow is about. We live in the country and unless there are numbers attached to the houses it can be hard to tell the odd and even houses apart. Sometimes packages ended up across the street (and theirs at our home) so we added the arrow.

Please stop back in a day or two. I have more projects that I have created to share.


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