Friday, October 4, 2013

Perfectly Stitched Designs

Stitching and paper piercing can be just the little extra thing that gives your crafts an extra punch. Simply Stitch It shows how easy it is to create stitched designs, including borders, on our papercrafts.

The CTMH Corp. description of the video Simply Stitch It is "The new stitch guide from Close To My Heart makes stitching on your papercrafts simple to do—and the look it gives is simply stunning! See it for yourself in this video."

Items featured in the video:

Some of the tips mentioned in the video are:
Make sure you can hold a corner of your paper down so it does not move while you are piercing. You may be able to lightly tack your paper down with re-positionable tape, but be sure to test in an area that can be covered up later just in case the tape sticks firmer than expected.

When you are done punching the first half of the shape, flip your ruler over and line up the holes at the edge of the shape over the holes you have already punched at the center of the shape, that is, you pierce two fewer times to complete the second half of the shape (see this approximately 1:46 into the video). Even though you do not punch the holes again, I found it helpful to lightly put my piercing tool though the hole on the ruler and into the hole I already pierced to make sure my ruler was lined up correctly.

You can use the full eight strands of CTMH Baker's Twine when stitching (as shown in the video) or you can separate the strands if you want a thinner "thread". In addition to the Baker's Twine Assortments listed above, you will find twine in some of the Mini-Medley Accents Collections. For example, the Ruby (Z1861) and Wooden (Z1837) Collections. Other items you could use for stitching are single ply sewing thread and, while I have not tried it yet, I think Hemp would work as well.

I hope today's video inspired you to try paper piercing and stitching. You will find the products mentioned above as well as many other top quality papercrafting products at competitive prices that can be delivered right to your door in the Autumn/Winter 2013 CTMH Idea Book. If you are ready to place your order, please click the Show Now button below.

I would like to remind you that hosting a gathering gives you the opportunity to qualify for free and 1/2 off items. Please contact me if you have any questions. I hope you enjoyed the video.


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