Thursday, February 13, 2014

Achieve Great Results with Embossing Folders

I learned so much from today's video Score Big with Embossing. When I speak with others who have watched the video, they say the same thing. I hope you have about 4 minutes to watch Score Big with Embossing.

The CTMH Corp. description of Score Big with Embossing is "Check out Close To My Heart's exclusive embossing folders, available in five trendy and classy patterns, and get some tips on the best ways to use them."

Products used in the video:
Some of the tips mentioned in the video:
  • for best results, determine the grain of the cardstock by holding your hand out flat, place a piece of cardstock across your hand and watch for the bend (think of an arch); the grain is parallel with the ends of the arch
  • when using an embossing folder and you go "with the grain" less of the white core will show; when you go "against the grain" more of the white core will show, but either is a personal preference and you may want to choose different looks on different projects
  • the grain really does matter on on straight patterns like the Stripe Embossing Folder; when you go with the grain, you get nice clean lines, but when you go against the grain the embossing really breaks the fibers causing the cardstock to crack
  • you want to make sure the paper is no wider than the folder, when using paper that is too wide, the pressure will warp and bend the edges of the paper
  • you can use paper that is longer than the folder; there are slits at the top of the folder that allow you to create longer embossed strips
  • if the indention in your paper is more than you would prefer (you would like a softer looking emboss), add another piece of cardstock to your "sandwich" to be a shim to help absorb some of the "bite" from the embossing folder; the impression will not be as deep; use scrap cardstock for your shims and you can use them over and over
  • sand the embossing to expose the white core to highlight the embossing (or ink it)
I hope today's video inspired you to try the CTMH embossing folders. If you would like to see the embossing folders in action, contact me to schedule a Home Gathering where we can create a project with embossed cardstock. If you are ready to place an order the Show Now button will take you to my Online Business Address.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about embossing or any other CTMH product.


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