Friday, February 21, 2014

DIY: Base & Bling Style

Following up on yesterday's video, Base & Bling at Its Finest, in today's video, Base & Bling Style, Kristine gives us many wonderful ideas for creating different pendants with new items in the Base & Bling line. She also gives us a great idea for presenting the pendant as a gift. You will find the new Base & Bling items on pages 79 through 81 of the CTMH Spring/Summer 2014 Idea Book.

Base & Bling Style has the CTMH Corp. description "Who doesn't love elegant, affordable, custom-made bling? With countless options from Close To My Heart's expanded Base & Bling line, you can create unique, sophisticated wearable crafts in just minutes."

Products featured in the video:
  • Base & Bling Chains (Z1940, Z1954)
  • Base & Bling Pendants (Z1962-Z1965)
  • Base & Bling Glass Covers (Z1966, Z1967)
  • Base & Bling Charms (Z1957-Z1959, Z1955, Z1978)
  • Base & Bling Style Sheets (Z1973-Z1976)
  • Liquid Glass (Z679)
  • Cricut® Artiste Collection (Z1790)
Details in the video that I do not want you to miss:
  • in addition to the images from the Style Sheets, you can use photos, embossed cardstock, embellishments under (Aqua Dots were used in the video) and on top of the Glass Covers
  • if you choose to use something other than the Style Sheets (photo, B&T or cardstock, fabric or different embellishments) in your pendant, it is recommended that you test that item with Liquid Glass or the adhesive you are using because adhesives can alter some colors; also when creating a project like this you should use a copy or scrap so your original unique item is preserved
  • if you use the Style Sheets, testing with Liquid Glass is not necessary because they have a special coating
  • if you are creating a circle pendant cut the image from the Style Sheet (but do not remove the backing yet) and lay the Glass Cover on top to select which part of the image you want to show then draw a line around the Cover and cut right on the line; do not worry about the circle being perfect as the Cover will cover the edges, remove the backing and insert into the pendant
  • please note - some of the Style Sheet images were designed to work best with the square pendant
  • be generous with the Liquid Glass to ensure there are no dry spots or air bubbles; push the Cover down; some of the Liquid Glass with seep around the edges; use a non-alcohol baby wipe to wipe up the excess and keep the Cover clean and clear
  • make your creation uniquely your own by looking at the other embellishments in the Idea Book in a new light, for example, the bows in the Ariana Assortment (Z3002)
  • the carrier sheet the pendant is presented on was created from the Artiste cartridge with the gift card cut on the J key; you will find it on page 57 of the handbook; it was cut at 2 1/2 inches using Real Dial Size
  • at both the left and right side of the card, cut a short notch at the inside of the first scallop to "hold" the chain in place; hide the extra chain inside the card securing it in a bag or with washi tape
I still think the Base & Bling line would make wonderful Mother's Day gift especially after watching the video. They are quick and easy to put together. Since no tools are needed to add the Pendants or Charms, you could give extra Pendants and Charms with the gift so the recipient can mix and match to coordinate with their outfit or mood. I hope today's video inspired you to try create a unique pendant for yourself or as a gift. If you are ready to place an order the Shop Now button will take you to my Online Business Address.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


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