Friday, January 16, 2015

Artfully Sent Coordinating Stamp Die Cuts Using the Cricut® Expression

I hope you do not mind, but again this week I am going to push back my Countdown to Christmas 2015 post so I may share some additional information about using the Artfully Sent Collection (Z3017) with the Cricut® Expression. Yesterday I shared a Pop-up card. Today let us focus on the Curlicue Frames stamp set (D1631) that is exclusive to the Artfully Sent collection.

The size listed on the Curlicue Frames stamp set carrier sheet is the size you want to set your dial at. You also want real dial size to be on. On the Expression the real dial size button is lit when real dial size is on. You will find the size and the handbook page number next to each image on the stamp set carrier sheet.

Note: to fit all of the stamps on a standard size carrier sheet some of the outlines have been rotated; just follow the size listed on the carrier sheet, use real dial size and your cuts should be the perfect size.

The image in the upper right of the carrier sheet is found on page 4 of the handbook:

As I mentioned yesterday, real dial size means that it will cut the image the height (from the lowest possible point to the highest) you have it set on the size dial. Many of the Cricut® cartridge handbooks have a page that gives an visual example of Real Dial Size that might be helpful (I looked through several handbook and while the images may change, the general write-up is very similar). This example is from the Cricut® Artbooking handbook:

Here are some images I cut and stamped when I updated my CTMH Cricut® Artfully Sent page with a cheat sheet/tutorial for cutting the shapes using Cricut® Design Space and the Explore, along with a White Daisy die cut I created when testing the steps for this blog post.

If I were cutting each of the frames on the Expression this is what I would set the size dial at and press on the keypad (reminder, the real dial size button should be (and stay) lit):
  • the frame on page 40: set the size dial at 1¾"; press icon + shift + envelope 4 (I am not sure how to describe this key; it is the last key on the right in the fourth row, before the "Load Last" button; if you have a Universal Overlay to refer to it would be key 40)
  • the frame on page 4: set the size dial at 2"; press icon + 4
  • the frame on page 7: set the size dial at 1¾"; press icon + shift + 7
  • the frame on page 29: set the size dial at 2"; press icon + l (lower case L)
When I cut the pop-up card the other settings I used are: For the cardstock I set the speed at low, the pressure to high and the green dial on the blade housing to 4. For B&T Duos™ I lowered the pressure to medium and the green dial on the blade housing to 3. I used a blue light grip Cricut® mat. I did not have to use the multi-cut feature.

Just a reminder, if you use Cricut® Design Space with the Explore, I posted how to cut the frames on my CTMH Cricut® Artfully Sent page.

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