Thursday, January 15, 2015

Artfully Sent Smile Pop-up Card Cut Using the Cricut® Expression

Some questions have been posted asking about sizing when using the Artfully Sent Cartridge with the Cricut® Expression. I thought having some images to go with the description should help.

The size listed in the Cricut® Artfully Sent handbook is the suggested cut size so the completed card will be 5" x 7" for a top fold card or 7" x 5" for a side fold card. When you want to cut all of the elements of the card (base, liner and icons), you set the size dial for the size listed in the book and make sure real dial size is off so the pieces cut proportionally to each other. On the Expression the real dial size button is not lit when real dial size is off.

Real dial size means that it will cut the image the height (from the lowest possible point to the highest) you have it set on the size dial. Many of the older (well maybe not-so-old) Cricut® cartridge handbooks have a page that gives an visual example of Real Dial Size that might be helpful. This example is from the Cricut® Artbooking handbook:

Here are the pieces that make up my Smile Pop-up card (please forgive me my "smile" cut; the paper started to move on the mat so I finished the cut with a craft knife):

When I cut the pieces for the Smile Pop-up card on the Expression this is what I did on the keypad to get each of my coordinating pieces (reminder, the real dial size button is not lit):
I set the size dial to 5 inches. For the cardstock I set the speed at low, the pressure to high and the green dial on the blade housing to 4. For the Wanderful paper I lowered the pressure to medium and the green dial on the blade housing to 3. I did not have to use the multi-cut feature.

I am sorry for the blurry photo, but I am hoping it is good enough to show you how the folds for the pop-up will look. By the way, I was happy I have the Score Board (Z1937) when creating this. There were no tick marks cut into my paper to show me where to fold so the Board was very helpful.

I plan to add some additional die cuts or stamping (as long as I won't be trying to stamp over the pop-up inside); this is what the card front looks like so far:

And the card when it is open:

FYI, if you use Cricut® Design Space with the Explore, the Smile Pop-up card is image #M1012A2.

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