Friday, October 14, 2016

CTMH Base & Bling - Day 11 - SpookTacUlar Online Event

Greetings! Welcome to Day 11 of the SpookTacUlar Online Shopping Event on Facebook. Today I thought I would share products that allow you to easily create wearable and giftable items from Close To My Heart – Base & Bling.

Unfortunately I let myself run out of Liquid Glass and was unable to create a necklace using a newer Style Sheet, but here are a few pendants I created earlier this year.

If you like the red bead I used (shown near the center of the photo), they are now in the Clearance area of my Online Shopping Address.

Base & Bling necklaces are easy to create. This how-to is from Annual Inspirations 2016 -2017 page 87.

If you like visual instructions, I first shared this video in February 2014, but the tips and techniques are just as useful today.

To create your pendant, there are four style sheet options; two were designed to accept watercolor paints so you can make them any background color you would like.

Base & Bling Style Sheets
Royalty Style Sheet (Z3276)
Mad for Plaid Style Sheet (Z3277)
Watercolor Sheet—Gold (Z3280)
Watercolor Sheet—Clear (Z3281)

One note about using a watercolor style sheet – I would recommend using as little water as possible and allowing the watercolor piece to thoroughly dry before creating the pendant. I think that will give you the best results.

There are four pendant shape choices and all are available in Faux Silver and Faux Gold. The pendants can be filled with stickers from the Style Sheets or you can use your own papers, stickers or photos. I have not tried photos myself, but have read that people have used photos from a photo lab with success. You may want to test one pendant first as your results may vary. Coordinating Chains and Glass Covers are also available.

Base & Bling "Hardware"
Circle Pendant—Faux Gold (Z3195)
Circle Pendant—Faux Silver (Z3153)
Circle Glass Covers (Z1966)
Square Pendant—Faux Gold (Z3152)
Square Pendant—Faux Silver (Z3151)
Square Glass Covers (Z1967)
Oval Pendant—Faux Gold (Z3158)
Oval Pendant—Faux Silver (Z3157)
Oval Glass Covers (Z2011)
Rectangle Pendant—Faux Gold (Z3156)
Rectangle Pendant—Faux Silver (Z3155)
Rectangle Glass Covers
Chain—Faux Gold (Z3159)
Chain—Faux Silver (Z3160)
space is intentionally blank

A wonderful thing about the Base & Bling line is the loop to close the lobster claw clasp is small enough and the loops on the pendant and jump rings are large enough that you do not need any tools to add them to the chain. The charms and beads slip right over the end of the chain. It also means that you can easily change the appearance of your wearable art by adding more or different charms or swapping pendants. The chain has a 2" extender for those that want a longer drape.

There is a large variety of charms and beads.

Base & Bling Charm and Beads
Rhinestones—Faux Gold (Z3162)
Rhinestones—Faux Silver (Z3161)
Teal Bead Charm—Faux Gold (Z3142)
Teal Bead Charm—Faux Silver (Z3143)
Black Bead Charm—Faux Gold (Z3140)
Black Bead Charm—Faux Silver (Z3141)
Ribbon Charm—Faux Gold (Z3108)
Ribbon Charm—Faux Silver
Bow Charm—Faux Gold (Z3107)
Bow Charm—Faux Silver (Z3133)
Heart Charm—Faux Gold (Z3109)
Heart Charm—Faux Silver (Z3281)

If you would like to create necklaces for gifts, CTMH offers cards to present the necklaces on with clear sealable bags to put them in. There is also a stamp set to personalize the card.

Base & Bling Necklace Cards
Necklace Cards (Z3196)
Friendly Wishes (A1185)

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at the Base & Bling necklaces I created and the available Base & Bling options. If you have any questions about Base & Bling, do not hesitate to email me. Please like my Facebook page Brenda's Paper Crafts to see updates throughout the month.


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